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Happy Birthday To Me!

This week’s roundup is very ME focussed! Ha! It was my birthday yesterday, so we decamped to London to spend time with friends and…

A little bit about Digital Diva

Fashion Blogger from Leeds - Digital Diva
Ally Dowsing-Reynolds. 30-something and twice married. Half-girlie girl (loves fashion and has a soft spot for dusky pink)… half geek (really into tech, fast cars and can be a bit of a tomboy). Lifestyle blogger with a focus on fashion, food & restaurants, travel, home decor and hair / beauty.

Fashion: My style can be fairly grungey with bold pops of colour, I love Vivienne Westwood, All Saints et al. – would most like to look like Daisy Lowe.
Hair: Always long with a blunt fringe. No other way baby!
Food: I love a wide variety of food…from fine dining to dirty burgers.
Home: Abigail Ahern is my home style crush – dark inky colours with lots of texture. I usually add in bright colours and geometric patterns.
Travel: Been to lots of places, but there’s so much more to see!
Leeds: My hometown for over ten years, I’ll often post about events and restaurants.

Hope you enjoy!

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