3 reasons I’d like to visit Jersey

My great-uncle was from Jersey, but sadly I never got to go…he died when I was fairly young, but he did have a great impact on my life (he paid for a few of my musical instruments when young, which eventually helped me to become an orchestral trumpet player – yep, that is true, I know I haven’t mentioned that on the blog before!)

Images of Jersey in my head have always been of an affluent place (my great-uncle was fairly well off I think), but other than that I didn’t know much about the island. When Visit Jersey contacted me about  writing a post about what I fancied doing in Jersey I thought it would be a lovely way to learn a bit more about the island and hopefully plan a trip sometime soon.

So, without further ado, here’s 3 reasons I’d like to visit Jersey:

1) Walking in Jersey

I love walking, but I don’t get to do enough of it. I have the Yorkshire Moors on my doorstep, but sometimes you just need to get away for a long weekend or a week to be away from work and have chance to get outdoors. I like the way that you can free your mind when walking…it’s a chance to feel at one with nature again. Despite covering just 45 square miles, Jersey has a lot of contrasts and rich diversity in it’s scenery.

The coastline looks pretty cool…the North apparently has the most beautiful and secluded bays, including Grève de Lecq, Bonne Nuit, Bouley Bay and Rozel.

Bouley Bay in Jersey

Bouley Bay

The south coast has the sands of St Aubin’s Bay and St Brelade’s Bay with a sheltered beach. On the eastern shore, the Royal Bay of Grouville (famous for its oysters – yum!) and St Catherine’s Bay face towards Normandy with Mont Orgueil Castle commanding the skyline.

Mont Orgueil Castle

Inland, there’s lots of deep wooded valleys, ancient woodland (with red squirrels!) and farmland (with the famous Jersey Cows).

Jersey Cows

So, plenty of to see when walking then!

2) The Sea

J is a big lover of the sea…it’s his happy place for sure. He finds it very calming and I have to agree, I do love being near the sea too.

La Corbière Lighthouse in Jersey

You can go on boat rides to see seals and dolphins from Jersey, charter yachts…and dive too.

St Aubin's Bay - Jersey

I first tried diving in Mexico and found it easier than I’d feared (I thought I’d panic more than I actually did). I’d like to give it another go and it does look good in Jersey.

If boats on the sea aren’t quite your thing, try sailing on the beach….whhhhaaaaa…? BloKarting. Obviously. It does look like fun!

3) Relaxing in a spa

Regular readers of my travel posts will know that I do love a spa! …and so does my husband (much to some of our friends’ amusement). Jersey has a few lovely spas on the island.

The Ayush Wellness Spa at Hotel De France looks lovely and roomy. I also like the look of the spa at The Grand Jersey – they offer ESPA treatments (love a bit of ESPA). The Radisson Blu Waterfront has a spa  and I’m a fan of Radisson Blu (it’s the beds…the beds are SO comfy!), but they don’t have a lot of photos and the Radisson Blus aren’t especially known for their good spas…so I think I’d opt for the Hotel De France or Grand Jersey over the Radisson. There’s lots of others to chose from too – take a look here. All of these are in or near St. Hellier…which is the most populated part of Jersey.

Saying all of that, I think this one might blow them out of the water (sea?) though… The best one of them all I think looks like The Club Hotel & Spa – they have indoor and outdoor pools, a roof terrace, herbal steam room, salt cabin, sauna, experience shower, and a rasul room…

The Club Hotel & Spa Jersey

…and when you’re done relaxing and want to eat, you can try one of their five tasting menus in their Michelin-starred restaurant. Apparently their Bohemia Restaurant and Bar also has AA Rosettes, is listed in The Sunday Times top 100 UK restaurants and also in the Top 10 UK restaurants to enjoy dessert.

Wait. There’s a list of Top 10 UK restaurants to enjoy dessert?! Stunned I didn’t know about it and am now feeling the need to work my way through said list!

I’m pretty sold on that hotel (go to escapetojersey.com/packages and choose ‘Time For You’ if this one appeals to you as much as it has to me! From £359 per person (2 sharing adults)  for a 3-night break at this hotel with return flights from London Gatwick, a 50 min massage and dinner at the restaurant. Not a bad deal at all for such a high quality hotel.

So, lots to do…eat…and relax in Jersey.

You can create your own ‘Escape to Jersey’ video at escapetojersey.com – you basically tell the website what you want out of a holiday (e.g. relaxing versus active, fine dining versus cheap eats etc.) and it’ll show you the perfect trip for you.

Win a holiday to Jersey

Have you ever been to Jersey? Fancy going?

Create a video on the Escape to Jersey website and you can be in with a chance of winning a holiday there! Good luck!


Please note, I worked with Visit Jersey to create this post. The photos are all owned by Visit Jersey (apart from the Club Hotel photo) and all the words and opinions are, as ever,  my own.


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  1. Victoria Danaher
    October 19, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    Would love to go to jersey. Hope you get to go sometime soon. xx

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