5:2 Diet on BBC Radio Leeds this morning

I was on BBC Radio Leeds again this morning talking on the breakfast show about the 5:2 diet.

Ursula Philpott, on-screen dietician from Channel 4’s Supersize Superskinny and senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University was also on the show and again gave really good balanced advice that I found very interesting.

I’ve just listened to the show on ‘listen again’ and really can’t remember laughing quite that much during the interview! I think it’s because the presenter started off the segment by talking about how many boiled eggs you could eat that day for the 500 calories (seven, if you’re wondering). It amused me obviously even more than I realised!

The link to listen to this part of the show is:


2:11:40  to   2:16:19

You can read more about my thoughts on the 5:2 diet.

5:2 Diet on BBC Radio Leeds


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