A New Way Of Cooking With Chocolate by Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat launched their new book A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate and invited a few of us to the launch at their Roast & Conch restaurant in Leeds. We sampled a few of the dishes from the book (most of which you can also order in the restaurant) and here’s what I’d recommend and which didn’t do it for me…

A New Way Of Cooking With Chocolate

For me, it was all about three dishes… the Mac & Cheese Pies:Mac & Cheese from Hotel Chocolat

Mac & Cheese can be a bit much for a full dish, but I love the taste…so these Mac & Cheese Pies were a real winner for me! Pastry AND Pasta?! That’s a double carb delight right there.

The white chocolate mash was lovely…excellent texture with just a hint of white chocolate.

White Chocolate Mash

These chocolate brownie bites were INCRED! I managed to have about 5 before I felt guilty that I was probably eating them all and stopping others from having them…

Chocolate Brownies

These little babies were good too, but I’ve no idea what they were called, apart from “get in my mouth now”…

Hotel Chocolat

…all washed down with some lovely cocktails from the bar at Roast & Conch.

Cocktails at Hotel Chocolat

…and Cocoa Gin Martinis from the ice sculpture. Obvs. They were really strong  so I just had a tiny sip.

Cocoa Gin
Everyone seemed to be going mental for the Parkin Spiced Beef…but I wasn’t too big of a fan. The beef was a fantastic cut and beautifully cooked…but the parkin totally overpowered it and added an odd texture…for my preferences anyway. Like I said, we seemed to be alone in thinking this.
Parkin Spiced Beef Hotel Chocolat

I don’t get to see Becs from Lay The Table enough…so it was good to hang out and have a really good natter. Also fab to finally meet Diane from A Tale Of Two Sittings finally too! Sorry for the blurry pic, the Hotel Chocolat Roast & Conch restaurant is beautifully low lit…which makes for difficult photo taking conditions.  Hayley from Tea Party Beauty and Sammie from Little Blonde Life were also there and it was really good to catch up with them – love those two.

Food Bloggers

Have you eaten at Roast & Conch? What were your favourite dishes? 


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