Architect Hair’s new hair chalk service (Headingley, Leeds)

I visited Architect Hair in Headingley (Leeds) to check out their new hair chalk service a few weeks ago. I’d wanted to try hair chalk for a while, but was always put off by the potential mess I could make in my bathroom! I’m not the tidiest of people and I just know I’d turn my lovely bathroom a bright shade of pink if I tried it myself.

With this in mind, I thought Architect Hair’s idea of offering to apply the hair chalk for a great price (£10+ depending on how much hair you have – because I have I lot of hair, it would have been £20*) was an absolutely great idea! So, in I went to Architect Hair and was looked after by the very lovely Claire. Here’s what my hair looked like before the hair chalk…the main colour was dark brown with chunks of light brown / blonde underneath:

Architect Hair - Hair Chalk

Architect Hair - Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk at Architect Hair – The Process

I figured the hair chalk would show up best on the lighter sections of my hair, so I asked Claire to concentrate on those bits with the pink hair chalk. They offer other colours (blue, purple…and others if you give them a call to ask – they can get it in). Callum got to work giving my hair a wash…I must say, he’s an absolute pro at head massaging! Claire then applied the hair chalk to my wet hair. She basically painted it on with a sponge and then blow dried it.

pink hair chalking

pink hair chalking

blow drying hair

blow dry at Architect Hair

I’m very glad it wasn’t my bathroom, hair brush and hair dryer turning pink! Because I’ve got a lot of hair, it took a while to get through (I think I was there for around 2hrs in total). Once it was blow dried, Claire went over my hair with some oil and Alterna Caviar CC cream (which smelt amazing) to combat the dry texture that the hair chalk gives.

Here’s the final result:





Pretty cool, huh? I absolutely loved the look. Here’s what it looked like the next day (I’d plaited my hair over night to stop it from tangling, so it’s got a bit of a wave). I’m with the lovely Agnes at our Tour de France BBQ party if you’re wondering…


I got lots of great comments on the colour and absolutely loved having it….I did find the chalk made my hair very knotty, so that’s something to be aware of if you’ve got lots of hair. You can really see in this pic that the pink actually took quite differently across the different base colours in my hair – it was more purple on the darker bits. I was expecting most of the hair chalk to come out after the first wash. Actually, nothing happened! Claire did say that hair that’s more porous or dry might keep the colour longer. On the second wash, I shampooed a few times (I was needing to get a hairbrush through my hair) and some did come out….but it was still a strong pink colour. So, colour to value ratio was definitely good!

I recently went back to my usual very dark brown / black colour (more on my current hair soon on the blog) and so I did need to get the hair chalk out, which was challenging….I think it partly dyed my hair. It’s all black again now though.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire (and Callum!) at Architect Hair in Headingley. Claire was fab to chat to whilst she was working away. It’s a great salon with a very airy relaxed feel and if you do want to try hair chalk for a night out or an event, this is the ideal service for you.

Check them out online at or give them a call on 0113 2755884 to make an appointment.

* Please note that I received my hair treatment for free, but my opinions are all my own




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