Azendi Jewellers Silver Bracelet

I’ve always been fond of Azendi Jewellers. I work in Headingley (Leeds) which is where Azendi started and they have always been my go-to place for gifts. They have a fabulous range of unique and chic jewellery for those who love something a bit different. Azendi have very wearable jewellery…they don’t go really over the top…but they’re not boring. They have a big range of pieces to suit various people.

They have since branched out from Headingley and have shops around West Yorkshire, including the Victoria Quarter in Leeds. It’s nice to see an independent jewellers do so well, it’s actually their 25th anniversary this summer. I do feel quite proud of them having being a long-time customer.

One thing I’ve always liked about Azendi, other than the lovely jewellery, is the staff. Their shops have really knowledge and helpful staff who are great at finding lovely pieces whatever your budget. I’ve found it’s a great idea to send your other half there if they get stuck for your birthday/anniversary/christmas present! If you can’t get into one of the shops, they’ve got a website at

Here’s a silver bracelet that I have from Azendi, it’s got a magnetic fastening and I love it. It fits nicely and doesn’t ‘catch’ on my arm at all (often a problem for me). You can find it here:

Azendi Bracelet






Azendi also have a lovely new collection called Spirited Away, which is based on feathers….lots of lovely silver, gold vermeil and rose gold pieces in that collection (bracelets and necklaces). They are next to my ‘to buy’ list.

Do you have any jewellery from them? Post some pics here in the comments if you do!

Please note: I was gifted this bracelet from Azendi Jewellers, for review purposes. This has not affected my opinion of the bracelet….it’s gorgeous, as you can tell


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