BOSS Burgers, Chapel Allerton

This had to be the most anticipated opening in Chapel Allerton for a while…since rumours started that BOSS Burgers were coming to Chapel Allerton, my mouth was watering. I’d heard of their rep for dishing up the best burgers around (mainly from burger aficionados Michael and Becca)…so I couldn’t wait to try them for myself.

We’ve now had two takeaways (collection only under £30) and we’ve sat in the restaurant once (OK, now I’m starting to see why I’m not losing weight……).

Each time, me and the husband have ordered a Los Pollos Delicioso (£6.50 for Spicy Marinated Chicken Fillet, Guacamole, Tomato, Lettuce and House made Boss Mayo) and a Moozadell (£7.50 for Beef Burger, Mozzarella, Slow Roast Peppers, Caramelized Onions, Rocket and House made Boss Mayo)…and we usually share half of each.BOSS Burgers Chapel Allerton Boss-Burgers-Chapel-Allerton-Leeds-1693

We’ve honestly tried ordering different ones, but his firm fave is the Delicioso and mine is the Mozzadell. The chicken burger is really good, but I just love the sweetness of the Moozadell….it’s one of my favourite burgers of all time!

Chicken Burger BOSS Burgers

If you’re sat in the restaurant, there are extras you can order. Little warning: The pig skins were the hardest things to eat on earth. We haven’t had dessert there, but it looks pretty good. The bar is limited (it’s only a tiny restaurant), but it’s got a nice relaxed atmosphere and fab outside tables.

I think we’re pretty lucky to have them on our doorstep, if you haven’t already tried them….you should totally remedy that. They also have places in Hyde Park (Leeds) and Harrogate. I think they are just takeaways, I could be wrong about Harrogate though.


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