Bossa Grill, Leeds

We recently ate at Bossa Grill in Leeds (next to the Corn Exchange) and I thought I’d let y’all know what I thought.

Restaurants of Leeds organised a few of us Leeds Bloggers to try out the Brazillian grill menu at Bossa…promising tasty food, great cocktails and lots of fun. Pretty much a positive tick on all three really. 

Bossa Grill Restaurant

Bossa Grill focusses on being fun, they are a little less serious than their sister restaurant, Fazenda. It feels more like they are aiming for groups of friends looking to have a good time. 

Leeds Bloggers

Our thirst for life defines who we are, and our passion for the arts, music and good food is the thread that weaves us together. Our love of travel and our bohemian outlook enhances our Latin spirit. We appreciate the simple yet finer things in life: A friendly welcome, a vibrant atmosphere, and flavourful food.

Lunch is £12.90, evening is £18.90 and it’s basically all you can eat meat. You turn the cow green side up to say you want food and turn it over so the red side is on top when you’ve had enough. 

I tried pretty much most of the meats…I’m a meat lover for sure and so this kind of meal is pretty good for me. All the meats were cooked beautifully, some were a little salty for my taste…next time I’d probably ask to try a little bit first and then ask for more if I’m good with the saltiness (I don’t like to waste).

We basically ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. 

Cutting the meat

Below is the least photogenic / instagrammable plate of food ever…but I wanted to show you a snapshot of my plate, so you could see what you’d be eating.

All of the meat!

Not pretty, but certainly tasty. 

The fries were great, the corn was good…the desserts (churros!) were fantastic.



I think the only thing I’d say they could improve on, for me, is the snack cart. I haven’t been to Fazenda (yet), but I hear the salad bar is pretty legendary. The salad bar (or snack cart, as they call it) at Bossa Grill is much smaller (according to my table mates) and I wasn’t overly into the choices. 

Snack Cart

That said, I was here for the meat…and the meat was good.

After all that, I was cow down. No more meat for me.

Cow down

It’s not all endless meat sweats though, the drinks are pretty damn good. The prosecco was tasty and the cocktails were both powerful and delicious.

Try out Bossa Grill for yourself (go with a group of friends for the best time), it’s a great place to start in Leeds before going on for more cocktails at The Mavern (just a few mins away). 

You can book a table online at Bossa, or give them a call on 0113 243 8610.

* Please note that our meal was complimentary, in return for an honest review



  1. May 26, 2017 / 11:07 am

    A shame I don’t live near Leeds! Otherwise I would be giving this place a visit. Maybe my business in business coaching may take me to Leeds one day.

  2. June 1, 2017 / 11:37 am

    The food looks delicious! Pity we don’t live nearer Leeds

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