Bubbles & Baos Bottomless Brunch…at Issho

Brunch is my favourite meal, especially when it’s bottomless! Bubbles & Baos is from Issho in Leeds, who thought they’d do a twist on the bottomless brunch trend with their Japanese version. It’s exactly what it says really, bao buns with a choice of filling and endless prosecco. What’s not to like?

I’d heard such good things about Victoria Gate’s new Japanese eaterie by D&D London, seeing endless mouth-watering photos in my Instagram feed. The real thing didn’t disappoint. Emma, Becca and I bagged a fab table on the sun terrace (lots of wild grasses and plants…lovely) where we stayed for the best part of about five hours! It didn’t feel like that long at all….it never does when you’re chatting, right? 

Bottomless Brunch

Becca and Emma started off with bubbles. I sadly can’t partake at the moment, so gave my glass to them. I went for the mocktails, which were absolutely gorgeous…and tasty.


Dress // Tarte Collection
Boots // Vivienne Westwood
Bag // Rag & Bone

I was pretty impressed with the constant topping up of prosecco. Actually, thinking about it…I’ve no idea how they both weren’t a lot more tipsy by the end?! Maybe it’s just me that’s a lightweight! I was also impressed with the bubbles menu. If you’re at Issho on an evening, you get to choose from five different proseccos and champagnes by the glass…including one from England. Can’t wait to try those when I’m able to drink again! Onto the food…

Brunch at Issho

You get a choice of three fillings. At the moment, it’s Confit Duck Leg, Beef Short Rib or Turbot Karaage. It’s usually enough for two people and comes with bao buns, pickles and salad. We went for the Beef Short Rib.

Beef Rib

Bao Buns

Beef Bao Buns

It was really delicious…the beef was soft and tender, the bao buns were spongey and lovely. Perfect.

(this plum iced tea mocktail was amazing btw)


Once we’d exhausted literally every morsel on the plate, we ordered a few more dishes. Corn…


Chicken wings…

Chicken Wings

…and teriyaki salmon.


All were lovely. Loved the corn, the chicken wings were good and the salmon was super tasty. The main attraction really is the lovely buns though. Being the greedy girls we most definitely are, we ordered dessert too. 

The Warm Rice Pudding with Caramelised Banana is top left, Peach Nilar top right and the Okinawa Cinnamon Santandagi Doughnuts with Yuzu Curd and Chocolate Ganache is at the bottom. All were really tasty, but the clear winner for me was the rice pudding, it was the BEST rice pudding I’ve ever had. Hands down. Only slightly warm (which you’d think wouldn’t be great, it is!), the banana and the caramelised bits are just pieces of heaven. Honestly, you need to order it. The Peach Nilar was my second favourite….beautiful flavours – basically peach, some ice-cream and a lovely cookie. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that, but that’s my way of describing it!  The doughnuts I expected to be my fave, and they were good (loved the contrasting sauces)….but still the rice pudding won my heart.

Dessert Bao & Bubbles Issho

Sun Terrace in Leeds

I hope that’s given you a taster of what you can expect at Issho for their Bubbles and Baos Bottomless Brunch. I love the twist, there are so many places doing brunch at the moment in Leeds…it’s great to have an alternative and a luxury one at that. Heaven.

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* Please note that our meal and drinks were complimentary, in exchange for an honest review


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