ByTerry makeover at Space NK in VQ Leeds

A few weeks ago I had a ByTerry makeover at Space NK in VQ Leeds that changed my life! OK, that sounds quite dramatic, but it did sort out an issue I’d been having with my make-up which made me pretty damn happy.

I went to a great blogger event at VQ Leeds where we visited Vivienne Westwood (you can read about that and how that brand is changing here), ate food at brand new Polpo in Harvey Nichols (blog post coming soon)….and the lovely ByTerry expert at Space NK added her magic touch to our faces. I was there with fellow bloggers Remie, Sarah and Nicol. A really lovely small group which meant we had chance to ask lots of questions and got a lot out of it.

So, why the life changing moment?

I’ve been struggling with make-up accentuating the fine lines under my eyes. At the start of my make-up routine, everything looks great…but as the day wears on, my concealer sinks into my wrinkles laughter lines and it makes me look a shed load older than I actually am.

I’d researched moisturising concealers, because I did identify that my skin was probably a bit too dry…and had been recommended the ByTerry concealer, but it’s quite pricey so I hadn’t bought it yet. I needed to try it. That’s about my only interaction with the ByTerry brand up to that evening…so I was keen to know more about the range and whether the products were as good as their price tag.

Champagne in hand (always a good way to start), I set about finding out…ByTerry at Space NK

Sarah was up first with some contouring tips and tricks…ByTerry makeover Space NK at VQ Leeds

…then I dived in to ask for any solutions to my under-eye issues.

I’d been using Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer and she instantly said that was too drying for my skin and that my under eyes were basically trying to suck the moisture in from anywhere they could…including from my concealer and powder.

She advised that using a eye serum directly under a moisturising concealer would be the best option for me. This would give me a double dose of moisture.

She used the Cellularose Hydradiance Eye Contour and then the Terrybly Densiliss Concealer on top. She recommended also illuminating with the Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum.

Previously, getting highlighter anywhere near my eye area just worsened the problem…so I was dubious, but she said that this one is a CC cream and has a light sheen so actually it wouldn’t cake like a powder and would reflect light.

I was very impressed with the results…my under-eye area looked a LOT smoother. The last step was to use the ByTerry Sun Designer pallete for some light contouring.

ByTerry Eye Routine

I liked the products so much that I actually bought them all! I’ve been using them every single day since…so for a few weeks now…and am still just as impressed. I’ll be going back into Space NK at VQ Leeds to see what other ByTerry products I might like. Maybe when I’m not quite so broke from too much spending and holidays though!

Have you used any ByTerry products? 


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