Catching up… Italy, Hirons Beauty Box, Pieminister & more.

It’s just over two weeks since my last roundup post…what can I say, I’ve been a slacker! To be honest, I’ve just been super busy…especially on the past few Sundays which is when I usually write my roundup posts. So, what’s the detail of this sorry-ass excuse?

I’ve been to Italy on a business trip – seeing suppliers for Dowsing & Reynolds – the home decor business my husband runs (and I help him with).


We had a lovely time, although it was just a couple of days, we were staying in a fab hotel near Lake Como and managed to get out to Lake Maggiore too. Nice.

We ate out far too much…as per usual. One of which was Pieminister in Leeds…total pie goodness!! I whole-heartedly recommend the pork cracking.

Good pie. #pieminister #pies #instafood

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I managed to get my mitts on the Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box. At £140, it wasn’t bloody cheap…but I do worship at the altar of Hirons and I’d been fairly good with my spending this month so thought “f**k it”. I’ve been gleefully playing with all my new skincare loveliness.

Cannot wait to try the Tata Harper. Or, basically, ALL OF THEM.

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My feeble reason for not doing my roundup yesterday is that we spent all weekend decorating. Idiots that we are, we started by painting the living room floorboards, which were looking a bit tatty and needed a new coat…to then repainting the whole living room to then painting the bloody hallway too!

We were KNACKERED. Woke up aching so much this morning. That shows you how unfit I am!

What else have I been up to…

I’ve posted a few things since my last roundup…if you haven’t read them already, just sort that right out now:

Santorini, Scotland & Tips for Travelling – some fab links in there

Mental Health Awareness Week – a bit about my own experiences of anxiety

Top 10 tips for a short stay in Reykjavik / Iceland – lots of info in there about our recent trip.

Thomas Sabo bracelet from Joshua James – my favourite accessory right now. Wearing it A LOT.

Pastel Pinks & Silver Linings – me trying to stand up straight and not look like an idiot wearing a pretty coat and some kick-ass silver Skechers

That’s about it from me, normal service probably resumed for this Sunday’s roundup. Have a fab week! xx


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