I got to try out L’Oreal’s #ColorfulHair recently… rather than the usual Magenta Majicontrast that gives me my bright pinky red colour, Anthony and I thought we’d mix things up and go for L’Oreal’s newest hair dye to see what the results would be on my hair.

#ColorfulHair is a semi-permanent hair dye which lasts up to 15 shampoos and is available in eight intermixable shades. From those eight shades, you can create thousands of bespoke colours to suit your preference. From Pink Sorbet to Caribbean Blue, you can have whatever you like. 

As usual, with these types of bright hair dyes, the wash basin at the salon looked like we’d killed someone…

…glad it was Anthony’s basin and not mine!

I’m really pleased with the effect. I love the ombre style colour. 

Colorful Hair

The effects will be really different on everyone’s hair…it totally depends on your existing colour.

If you fancy trying out #ColorfulHair, give Anthony Fellows hair salon a call for an appointment. He’s in Mirfield…and I know it’s a 30-40min drive from Leeds, but he is MORE than worth it. 


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  1. Fred Lee Scott
    May 23, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    I have been using Lor√®al’s color mixers with 5 or 10 volume with amazing results. I can only do darker color’s but I love the results.

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