The comfiest summer jacket and the perfect pair of heels

Summer jackets and heels…my wardrobe staple in these months. I hate to say the word ‘summer’ actually on the blog. It’s like I’m tempting fate….tempting the cold weather and rain!

Most of you know, I’ve got a few coats and jackets. 30+ at the last count. I keep trying to get rid of some, but I love them all! A great coat or jacket can really finish an outfit.

Monki Jacket

Jacket // Monki
Tee // James Pearse
Jeans // Paige Denim Edgemonts 
Heels // Dior

In summer months, when I want to be comfy (a day when I’m in the office or running errands), I go for jackets that I can just throw on easily. This jacket from Monki is my current fave. Goes with pretty much anything, despite the print (I don’t do a lot of prints)….actually, it’s not a print, is it? What is it? (talking to myself on my blog again…crazy lady…let’s call it a pattern) and super easy to wear.

I particularly like the ‘lip’ on the top of this jacket. I like the collarless but high feel to it. 

Summer Jacket

Here are a few comfy summer jackets I’m loving at the moment:

Heels. Every woman should have a fantastic pair of black heels that can be worn every day. I go through a pair or so each year…by which I mean I destroy them through over wearing. My husband once had to make me throw an amazing, but f*cked, pair of black suede heels from Aldo in the bin. It had to be done, but I nearly cried!

The heels should be a good height, not too short…not too high. A bit like Goldilocks’ porridge, or summat. 

These are my faves this year. Christian Dior black leather heels. The height is perfect, they are incredibly comfy and easy to walk in. I love that the leather is feeling a bit worn now. Love love love them….and they go with pretty much anything. 

For high street choices, check out Aldo, Kurt Geiger and Schuh for the best black heels. I often veer towards suede, because I love the matt look….but leather definitely lasts longer. 

Christian Dior


Dior Heels

Comfy Heels

Here are some of my favourite everyday black heels at the moment:

Hope you enjoyed. I’m trying to get back into blogging, particularly fashion blogging. Fingers crossed I get enough time to keep it up 🙂


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