A few days in Iceland

Hello all, Sleeping on plane to Icelandhope you’re well? Good week? Mine was mostly spent in Iceland this week, which was nice! I won’t lie, I was pretty damn knackered after London Fashion Week last weekend (oh, woe is me!)…Monday was a whirlwind of working then packing very quickly for our trip to Iceland. We went with one of my very oldest friends (she’s not old, I mean I’ve known her since we were four years old) and her six year old daughter. The very early start on Tuesday morning wasn’t all that pleasant. I’m not amazing at sleeping on planes, I quickly had to figure out how to stop an excited six year old from waking her very tired mum every two minutes!

We spent a fantastic three days in Reykjavik and West Iceland, the weather was obviously pretty damn cold, we wrapped up very warm. On the second day we had a lot of snow and wind, apparently one off a hurricane. It really did feel it too!


We didn’t get to do quite as much as we’d intended due to the bad weather, but we still had loads of fun! The people were very friendly and helpful, which makes everything just that little bit easier. The food was very good too. I’m writing a separate post on my tips for Reykjavik and Iceland including the food, so look out for that. But here’s a quick pic of some that we ate…

eating in Iceland

Pretty good, huh?

Reykjavik is also very design-focussed. Lots of lovely homeware shops that were just our style (quite industrial looking), we had intended to go back into town to buy a few pressies and things for ourselves, but the weather stopped us…which was a shame.

Speaking of shops, regular readers will know that I’m in the middle of a 100 day spending ban (clothes, makeup and skincare) at the moment. #100daysnospend has been a lot easier than I thought it would be so far to be honest…I survived Dubai and Thailand pretty easily and have found it all quite liberating. Telling the world that I’m doing the spend ban has finally given myself the boundary I needed and I’ve been happy not to break it.

The hardest it’s been though, is in Reykjavik. I didn’t expect it at all! The clothes shops there are really good! The style is that gorgeous Scandinavian, very well tailored look…a bit All Saints, with gorgeous silhouettes. My spend ban was finally hurting. I didn’t snap any pics to show you what I mean, but I did fall in love with this mental cardi in a vintage shop (a very different style to what I’d been seeing in Reykjavik, but I loved it). The husband hated it obviously, but I think it’s wonderful. Ah well.

Shopping in Iceland

We did get up to lots more, but I’ll let you read about that in the full blog post about Iceland.

What have you all got coming up for the week ahead? We’re mostly trying to get back onto the healthy eating wagon (I think I’m always saying this)…trying not to snack as much, more veggies etc. My house feels like it’s a tip too, I really need to organise my dressing room and have a long ‘to do’ list that’s been building while we’ve been gallivanting all over the world in the last few months (again, woe is me ;)). I’ve also got a LOT of blog posts to catch up on. If I don’t get a move on with my Frock Swap blog posts, I fear the girls may kill me. They’ve been very patient with me.

Have a great week!



  1. March 4, 2015 / 2:52 pm

    Oh yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed Iceland! Reykjavik is the coolest place I’ve ever been – although we didn’t really look in any clothes shops, so I missed the boat on that one! My friend did buy a reindeer pelt for her new house though…

    • Digital Diva
      March 4, 2015 / 3:16 pm

      Oh Amy, I loved it so so much, you were totally right about the place!

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