DvF scarves, friends and trying to take it easier

Hey all…how’s your week been? I kept the promise to myself of taking it a little easier…only a little though.

I met up with my brother in London for some much needed chatter and drinks, attempted to tidy my dressing room (I was not blessed with great tidying skills), saw a friend I haven’t seen for a few years for a catchup to talk about his adventures around the world and had fun in Bundobust and Friends of Ham for someone’s birthday.

I donated a bit of money to the Leeds Indie Food Festival – see Amy Liz’s blog post for more details on that. It’s really great to live in Leeds where the food seems to be going from strength to strength!

This morning, we found ourselves at home for the first time in ages…so took advantage and went out for breakfast in Chapel Allerton. I hadn’t tried The Pit for breakfast before, check out the post for more about what I thought.

Emma’s post this week on the Awkward Magazine about the 7 Truths of Friendship is very true. Friendships can be fantastic and also very trying. I’m very lucky to have had some amazing friends, I don’t honestly know where I’d be without them…but, like everyone, I have had some let me down also. Learning that it doesn’t make myself or themselves bad people has been key. The only point I didn’t agree with Emma in her post was truth no. 3 – there IS such a thing as too busy. My life has been too busy in the past couple of months (all my own fault!), my good friends understand this and know I’ll be back full time in their lives soon. Like I said, loved this post, def. makes you appreciate your friends.

I entered Kelly’s giveaway on her blog – Adventures in Tea & Cake. She’s giving away a Vendula bag – they are really unique bags, love them. Get yourself over there to enter!

My beloved 350z was in for repairs this week. You’ll probably know already that I can be a bit of a car nut…so driving around in the terrible courtesy car for a week wasn’t the most fun, but it made me appreciate my car that little bit more. Glad to have it back.


Is anyone else subscribing to My Little Box? I got the first Paris themed one last month which was cute and this month’s was by DvF (Diane Von Furstenberg) which I was pretty excited about. I went through the box and thought “hmmm….it’s OK”, then opened the envelope with the scarf in. Ace! I love DvF’s prints, but sadly her dresses don’t love curves too much so I can now have a bit of DvF and still eat cake. That works for me.

That’s it from me….. have a great week  🙂


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