Eating too much and pinning ALL OF THE THINGS

Chocolate BrowniesThis week I’ve mostly been eating chocolate…some at the Hotel Chocolat Book Launch…but mostly just everyday, eating way too much chocolate. Seriously, what’s gotten into me?! It’s like my body thinks it’s going into hibernation and needs to eat anything and everything high in calories.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been back working at Dowsing & Reynolds HQ again this week. Nah…I love working with for my hubby! I’ve been pinning like a demon this week. If you’re after some interiors inspiration, check out Dowsing & Reynolds’ Pinterest.

I also posted my usual Wanderlust Wednesday…this week about the best places to eat in New York and some amazing London Brunch spots.

Other than that, I’ve been trying not to spend too much of my life watching Britain’s Got Talent. I do think loads of the acts are pretty awesome, I just don’t want to lose my whole week to it! Hands up who thought Amanda Holden looked pretty damn hot though, huh?! Curler? GHDs? Wand?

1st #BritainsGotTalent live show. Beachy soft waves and smokin eyes. @noholdenback #Hair&MakeUpByMe

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Links I’ve Been Loving This Week

Ally in Blunderland talks about detoxing your life – ya know, cutting out the crap and getting rid of the dead weight.

Sammie from Little Blonde Life looks pretty damn awesome in this outfit.

Elizabeth at Rosalilium shows us that pasta sauces don’t have to be boring. Mmmmm…pasta.

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