Elemis Facial at Harvey Nichols

Elemis at Harvey Nichols in Leeds recently invited me to come in to try their Power Booster Facial service. I popped in at 5pm one evening and the very lovely Sarah took care of me at the Elemis ‘beauty pod’ on the ground floor of the Leeds Harvey Nichols store.

Elemis SkinLab Consultation

Before my treatment with Sarah, I sat down with her to do a SkinLab Consultation. This is complimentary and basically it takes a photo of your skin and analyses it. It looks at blemishes, wrinkles, texture, pores and UV spots.

Elemis Facials at Harvey Nichols

Sarah said despite my ongoing issues with hormonal acne, my skin tone was actually very good (my skincare routine is finally paying off!), which was really good to hear. I have a low amount of wrinkles for my age (doesn’t feel like that sometimes!), but I do have lots of pores which apparently is typical of my ‘combination’ skin.

Often, people with combination skin can stretch their pores overly by exfoliating too hard – using lots of harsh grainy products. Thanks to Caroline Hirons, I know not to do this…I exfoliate using (fruit) acid toners, mainly Pixi Glow, Peter Thomas Roth and Alpha H Liquid Gold. It was good to hear that Elemis also believe in this and use acids too.

This is a closer look at the texture of my skin and the markers it was showing for uneven-ness:

Elemis Facial

Although my skin gets oily in places (usually my forehead), I also get dry skin too. The worst thing you can do for your skin when you suffer from acne is dry it out too much…the oilyness is probably happening because your skin is dehydrated. Drying it out with foaming cleansers and all the others ‘acne products’ just makes it worse. Drink lots of water and use products that quenches your thirsty skin without making it oily. Using facial oils definitely helps.

The SkinLab Consultation also looked at sun spots:

Modern Skin Elemis Facial

Despite this scary looking photo, apparently my skin was OK for UV. I wasn’t so careful in the sun in my 20’s, but not too bad either. These days, I have foundation with SPF in and use at least factor 30 (often factor 50) on my face when on holiday.

After looking at all of this, Sarah at Elemis recommended some products to fit nicely into my routine. Next up, my facial.

Elemis Facial

Elemis Power Booster Facials take just 30 minutes and each treatment is £30. Sarah recommended the ‘Modern Skin’ Power Booster Facial.

Re-balance stressed skin and restore a healthy glow. Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, this purifying treatment helps remove damaging toxins, regenerate skin cells and balance sebum.

The facials are given while you relax on a massage chair. I did think it might be a bit noisy in the middle of Harvey Nics, but I totally zoned out due to the massage chair being awesome!

Massage Chair Harvey Nichols

The facial was very relaxing, just what I needed after work. My skin felt lovely and soft. Thanks Sarah!

Give Harvey Nichols a call to arrange an appointment.

A little more about Elemis

Elemis say they are passionate about the integrity of their products.

Elemis products contain:

  • Therapeutic quantities of natural actives
  • Organic extracts
  • Active natural bases such as Milk Protein
  • First extraction pure Essential Oils

Elemis avoid:

  • Animal testing
  • Synthetic perfumes and colourings
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Mineral Oil, synthetic Alcohol and Silicones
  • Animal derived collagen
  • High levels of synthetic detergents and preservatives

* Please note that my Elemis Facial was complimentary for review purposes. My opinions, as ever, were all my own.


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