Epsom ET-4550 Printer: No Ink Cartridges Needed!

I’m not great with printers. I’m forever forgetting to buy the ink and run out just as the wrong moment. I can never find any plain paper in the house and then when I do find both of those things, the printer invariably breaks on me for a reason I cannot fathom.

When asked to try out the Epsom EcoTank ET-4550, I said I’d like to try it mainly because of the economical ink features – it comes with enough ink to print up to 11,000 pages (that’s around two years for the average person) without the need for cartridges. No cartridges?! Perfect for me! Apparently this reduces printing costs by 70% on average, which is a nice (great for students?).

Epsom ET4550

I also liked it’s wireless capabilities. I don’t want to find a wire to connect to my laptop or phone…it’s 2016, I want to connect through airwaves because frankly, I’m too lazy for anything else.

The Epsom ET-4550 is arguably one of the better looking printers on the market at the moment, it’s sleek and black instead of the ‘meh’ grey that they usually are. It’s a good size, not too big…but it’s not a waif either, which is probably a good thing in terms of quality and how long it will last (I always think the very slim ones will break fairly quickly…maybe a myth, but that’s what’s in my head). I’d say it’s a bit too big the hide on a table in your lounge or dining room, but it would suit a home office very well. It would also be just as at home in a small business premises with a couple of people (any more than that and you might need a printer that is a bit faster).

It wasn’t too bad to install as printers go. I would say it’s a little bit messy though… I got the husband to do it. It comes with four bottles of ink, three colour bottles and one big bottle of black ink. Make sure you’ve got steady hands when emptying the bottles into the compartments!  J did well, but still managed to spill a bit on himself.

Connecting my laptop to the printer was a bit tricky at first. The setup is a bit longer than I expected and it seemed a little temperamental at first at finding the printer, but after the first day it started behaving and now it seems very smooth. It can print double-sided which helps to save paper, as well as the ink saved from the lack of cartridges. I like using it, no faff and very easy to use once everything is installed.Epsom Printer

If, like me, you don’t want to be forever changing printer cartridges…or rather forgetting to change printer cartridges and then getting into a panic when having to print something urgent out…then this is the printer for you.

PC World and John Lewis are currently selling the Epsom ET-4550 for £299.

* Please note that this printer was provided for review purposes at no cost. My opinions, as ever, are all my own.


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