Homes & Interiors Bloggers: My 5 Favourites

There are a lot of great homes & interiors bloggers out there to spend time with and then there’s Pinterest, where time can just fly whilst you’re pinning everything that ever existed for your style of home.

Here are my favourite Homes & Interiors Bloggers

Swoon Worthy –  I really like Kimberley’s style of writing and she takes really great photos, I just love them. She also hella lovely and writes for AO’s excellent blog. I think with Kimberley you’re following her personality just as much as her style, she does seem a lovely and cool gal.

Homes & Interiors Blogger:s Swoon Worthy

Image credit: Swoon Worthy

Abigail Aherne – I find this lady such an inspiration. She is the mama of all homes & interiors blog I first found Abigail on a TV programme (can’t remember the name….something to do with helping hoarders to have beautiful homes through good design and chunking a load of stuff out!) and fell instantly in love with her style. She likes things dark, full of pigment and eye catching….and so do I. Our living room used to be very inspired by Abigail – or rather her sister’s flat! Dark grey walls with pops of colour (fuchsia pink). I do love how she brings in street style too…that really appeals to me.

Image credit: Abigail Aherne

Dear Designers – Like I said, I can be really inspired by dark, pigmented interiors so when this blog features these sorts of pics, you know I’m going to love it. There’s just something about Carole’s blog that really appeals to me….the pics always capture what I love. 

Image source: Dear Designer / Amy Wilson

Fabric of my Life – There’s a real consistent style with this blog. It’s a lifestyle blog I guess really, but the majority of posts are homes and interiors related. Lots of collections of items to lust after and I love the items she picks.

Image source: Fabric of my Life

Room and Style – I like the mix of good photos and ‘how to do this’ style posts. From uber glam, to how to make your own glittered vases.

Which are your favourite homes & interiors bloggers?



  1. March 10, 2014 / 11:50 am

    I love Swoonworthy! 🙂 I’m getting more into interiors blogs these days – I just need a house so that I can actually do something with my inspiration! I also really like My Scandinavian Home and Bright Bazaar – so many Pinterest-worthy posts!

    • Digital Diva
      March 10, 2014 / 12:12 pm

      Ahhhh…Bright Bizarre is fab, Will has such lovely taste 🙂

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