Festival Fashion Chic with La Redoute

Festival season is upon us! Brace yourselves for lots of photos of Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss looking sultry and sexy in the shortest denim shorts they can find, lots of braided hair and face paint galore.

One festival that has caught my eye this year is V Festival. Their TV ads shouting loud and proud about their lineup have me hooked…I’m a bit of a dance music aficionado so Faithless is a real pull for me, but it’s their pop lineup is making me want to go to V fest badly! Little Mix (total guilty pleasure), Halsey (by far my most played album at the moment), All Saints (so glad they are back!), Bieber (I’m starting the actually like his music…who knew?), Rita Ora (always good), Rhianna (werk werk werk), Fleur East (that girl can dance!)……AND Rick Astley. Rick Astley!

I really fancy buying tickets this year, but it’s a costly affair if you want to do it glam. And oh I DO want to do it glam! I’m not a slumming it in a tent kinda girl anymore, I’m too much of a Diva (you know it). I want the Lovely Loos and the hot showers. The peeps at La Redoute are actually have a comp running at the moment to win tickets to V Fest, so my fingers are well and truly crossed that I somehow get picked.

What would I wear to V Festival?

La Redoute have very much got into the festival spirit with a massive range of festival style clothes to suit, whatever your style. Being La Redoute, it’s gotta be a little bit French inspired and chic too!

Vogue recently covered ‘The French Girl’s Guide to Festival Dressing‘, which included tips like packing well and minimally, definitely no denim too-short panties…and crop tops or fringed tops are sooooo last year.

Here’s my own take on being chic at a festival for both days:

V Festival Day 1

I am really feeling La Redoute’s lace style tops… I think they are a lovely way to bring a bit of sophistication to festival fashion…my fave was this short sleeved lace blouse – gorgeously detailed.

I’m eschewing the shorter than short denim ‘panties’ and going for La Redoute’s much more flattering (and classy!) denim shorts with rolled hems. Perfect length for showing some leg, without showing…well, you know.

(I must say, my head was turned by this faux suede mini skirt…but in the end my heart was with the denim shorts.)

Pair the lace top and denim shorts with a leather rucksack (perfect for keeping festival essentials in)…this scarf for when it gets a bit breezy) and finally these fringed sandals (giving a little bit of height, but still being comfy) along with a chic French braid:

Festival Chic


V Festival Day 2

I don’t want to pack a massive bag when at a festival and remember that it’s all about being minimal, so for day two I’d use the same bag and shoes again and switch up the clothing. I absolutely adore this printed tunic dress, the pattern is great and very on-trend. I’d go for an edgy look with day 2, a top bun with some clever side French braiding.

Festival Chic Day Two

I’d also pack…

Don’t forget that no festival outfit is complete without preparing for the English weather!

A few cover ups and warm items are most definitely needed to ensure you stay just the right temperature while dancing away. I’m embracing the bomber jacket trend this year and think this tropical print bomber is an absolute star.

A waterproof jacket is also needed just in case the heavens open and you want to keep dancing through the rain. This blue shower-proof parka is just the one…it’s got a hood and pockets too, much needed.

And finally, don’t forget some waterproof footwear! These great wellies are super stylish and will go perfectly with both looks.

Festival Fashion Extras


Like I said, there’s lots to choose from in La Redoute’s Festival Fashion range. I’ve picked some of my favourites here to give you some inspiration for creating your own perfect festival outfit:

*Sigh*  All that virtual shopping really has got my pining to go to V Festival. I might be sat at my desk, but I’m just imagining myself…beautiful sunny day, excellent music…head to toe in some great clothes from La Redoute…..

Festival fashion with La Redoute

Maybe, just maybe.

Cover image: © Astrosystem – stock.adobe.com



  1. Sarah Mansley
    May 31, 2016 / 10:50 am

    Oooo, I love festival fashion, actually writing this from my tent at the end of a small festival! Love that lacy top and such a good idea to use a cute little back pack, much better than a handbag!

    • May 31, 2016 / 11:02 am

      Backpacks all the way! I’m really into them at the moment, but especially for festivals…super easy on the shoulders and perfect for dancing the night away 😀 x

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