Funk, Friends and Food

Happy Sunday to you all. How’s your week been? Good, bad? Middling? I’ve had a bit of a heavy thinking one, due to looking at buying another house. Lots of biiiiiig decisions to make.

We spent lots of time with fab friends this week to talk over these decisions and also celebrate Paul’s birthday – Happy Birthday Paul!! …dinner at the Reliance (they are on top form at the moment), Record Store Day at Belgrave Music Hall and the O2 Academy last night to see George Clinton & Parliament. Not familiar with them? Check out my Spotify playlist – George Clinton is arguably the godfather of Funk. You’ll hear all your favourite tunes sampling all of his. The gig was one giant jamming session…funk, rock and everything in between. Great night with great friends.

Thank you also to Rosie at Anthony Fellows Hair Salon for getting rid of my Nana-roots this week…


What else did I get up to? I shared my latest Frock Swap post – styling Donna’s Birdie Print Dress. I also posted today about my recent Gaucho Sunday Roast visit. BEST SUNDAY ROAST EVER.

Links that I’ve loved this week

This Art Director has worn the same outfit to work everyday for three years. She likes that it reduces the decisions she has to make, very similar to what I was talking about in my Decision Fatigue post a few months back. Not sure if I could wear the same thing everyday though, I get too much enjoyment out of clothes!

Saying that, doing my spending ban has definitely started to change my attitude to the amount of clothes I buy. Poppy D shared this excellent video on her blog – Unravel – it’s 14 mins long and well worth watching. It covers a small Indian village that take in all our unwanted clothes to recycle. Some of the ladies working theorised why on earth we’d want to throw away all these virtually unworn clothes “maybe water is really expensive in the West?”.

The time when we’ll be present and content. Ahhh…that elusive time! Stop waiting for it.

Emily gives some great advice for dealing with anxiety and stress. Everyone has to deal with it in some way, whether mild or not so mild at some point. Having a toolbox of tactics to help makes all the difference.

I’m loving Jen’s new leather backpack. I must repeat to myself “I don’t need a new bag….I don’t need a new bag…”.

Is your attitude to toners stuck in the 00’s? Still think of them as the alcohol filled old Clinique ones? Read Caroline Hirons’ Toner Cheat Sheet….then her Top 10 Acid Toners and Top 10 Spritz (2nd stage) Toners.

That’s it from me. Have a lovely week y’all x


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