Galvanic Facial: My Experience at Beauty Spot (Leeds)

What’s a galvanic facial I hear you ask? Basically…it’s a facial with added electricity! A galvanic electrical current is used to intensify the facial, providing deeper penetration of the ingredients used in the facial.

I’ve been going to Kate at Beauty Spot in Leeds for years now. She’s an expert (literally) at Dermalogica facials and it’s always been a lovely experience seeing her. Her experience and knowledge of skin really shows when she’s with you.

Lately I’ve been suffering from acne around my jaw line…mostly hormonal and due to stress (I have my MSc dissertation to thank for that). My skin care has got a hell of a lot better recently, I’m cleansing, toning and moisturising and whilst I’m seeing improvements, more needs to be done for me to get on top of my skin flare ups. Kate suggested we have the usual Dermalogica facial…but with added super gadgets this time…to turn it into a galvanic facial! She used the galvanic rollers during the facial (see pic below – that’s lovely Kate!) and also used something called a BT Micro.

Galvanic Facial at Beauty Spot

Galvanic Facial

Kate started by cleansing my face thoroughly and using her special Dermalogica lotions and potions to open my pores, she then placed a damp electrode under my shoulder and used the galvanic rollers on my face. I’m not going to lie…I was a little anxious thinking of electrical currents, but actually all I felt was a little tingling wherever the roller went. She used it particularly on my forehead, nose and jawline…all the areas that my skin gets really congested. This lasted for around 5 mins before the steam was turned on and Kate went to work clearing my skin. The good thing about using the galvanic rollers is that it makes the sebum oil under my skin a lot easier to get out…decongesting my poor little face.

The galvanic facial is recommended for all skin conditions, especially problem prone congested skin, and premature aging concerns…..and the galvanic facial promises to:

  • Lifts, tightens and firm the skin
  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles and soften moderate to deep lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminate skin dullness caused by ageing or stress
  • Hydrate and infuse your complexion with essential vitamins
  • Remove impurities from deep within the skin, resulting in skin clarity and reduction of blemishes

BT Micro

Next up was the BT Micro ultrasonic exfoliation tool. This works by creating high speed oscillations, leaving skin smooth and fresh.

This just felt like someone gently scraping across my skin….I could feel my face getting cleaner as the session went on!

BT Micro Facial

Afterwards, my skin feels a lot less congested. If I look in the mirror, my pores look nice and clear. Hopefully this means that I won’t be continually fighting to keep my face from flaring up. Thanks to Kate for agreeing for me to get a photo….I did want to tell you all about my experience….I love gadgets!


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