GHD Air Dryer

I was bought a GHD Air Dryer for my birthday. I asked for one after one of my friends said she thought it was one of the best hair dryers she’s used.I’m not usually a fan of GHD, my opinion is that their straightener are overrated – they skimp on the quality and still charge the big bucks, just because of their brand. I much prefer Cloud 9 for straighteners. But, I was prepared to give them a try after my friend’s comments.The price isn’t cheap at all (£80), but then…what did I expect from GHD? I opened the box and was impressed with the design…however, not so impressed that there was no booklet explaining the reason for the two different nozzles (see photos below).

At first, when using the the hairdryer, I felt that the heat was a bit too much (on medium setting), but too cold on the lowest setting. However, strangely as I turned the air speed up, the medium heat felt much better.

I would definitely say that my hair dried quicker and better with this hairdryer. The sound is also good – minimal noise.

I’d recommend buying this…but I’m still not keen on the £80 price tag!


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