Hair that looks like flames

Flame Hair

The ombré….the dip dye trend is still going strong it seems, but I’ve noticed that it’s been evolving more into what I call a “flame” look. Basically, I think it looks a bit like flames…..the gradient is more subtle and less stepped.

My friend Katie rocks the look fantastically. Kick-ass long hair that looks like it’s been licked by flames.

I would absolutely LOVE to try this…I used to be so much more adventurous with my hair colour but in recent years I’ve played it quite safe and have stayed with my classic all dark brown hair colour. With my wedding fast approaching, I’m staying with the solid colour (with my fab hair extensions). It doesn’t stop me lusting after some flame hair though!

What about you? Have you do the ombré? has it grown into this kinda style? have you stayed away from it all?

Here’s a peek at my hair pins…..


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