Halloween Makeup: Scary Clown & Hellraiser

It’s always handy to know a very talented make-up artist when you’re getting ready for a Halloween party! My friend Jess made myself into a scary clown for the evening and my husband into Hellraiser. That’s right, Hellraiser!

This is my husband and I just before the party. Pretty scary, huh? I didn’t realise quite how freaked out I was about scary clowns until I kept seeing myself in the mirror.

Halloween Makeup: Scary Clown & Hellraiser

How did Jess do our Halloween Makeup?

Jess covered James in latex (including a bald cap) and then set about adding on the makeup. Once that was done, she super-glued nails to the latex. ┬áMassive thanks to Jess for doing this for us. My husband does take his fancy dress pretty seriously and fancied doing something a bit out there….. I didn’t expect him to look quite so freaky though?! Well done Jess!

Perfecting the Halloween makeup

Here’s James in his full outfit:

Hellraiser for Halloween


The fancy dress was all in aid of my friend Oscar (& Benny’s) Halloween / Birthday Party. It was a fab party….great food by Benny, the other guests had some fantastic outfits and it was all a lot of fun.

Here was birthday boy, Oscar:

Scary Clown with the party host

My friend Rebecca (@eatlittlespoon) came as an Evil Child. Her contacts were pretty damn good….it look me quite a while not to be freaked out by looking at her.

Devil Child with Scary Clown

I do love Halloween and all the dressing up. My next party is this Friday…and the outfits will be changing, can’t wait!


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