Happy Birthday To Me!

This week’s roundup is very ME focussed! Ha! It was my birthday yesterday, so we decamped to London to spend time with friends and family. On Friday, I got so giddy about the weekend ahead and birthday presents I’d received already (a Zadig & Voltaire coat from my husband – how amazing is he?!?! also, fab gold shoes from my lovely Mother-in-Law), I actually had to take a paracetamol because I’d given myself a headache. Surely, that’s the sign of someone getting old?! To be honest, it wasn’t helped by the immensely sugary doughnut I’d had for breakfast. I can’t handle sugar these days, the come down is too severe!

We spent Friday evening with friends and went to Roots at N1 for posh curry which was really great (more deets on the blog soon). So good to see my friend Sally, she gave me some really fab pressies for my birthday.

Happy Birthday


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Saturday saw us then go to stay with my brother and we went to Bob Bob Ricard for food (amazing! again, more to come on the blog) followed by cocktails at The London Cocktail Club. Loved that bar…such a good recommendation from Agnes (my brother’s wonderful girlfriend). It felt a bit like Coyote Ugly at times, the atmosphere was great and the cocktails were really good.


My brother and Agnes looked after us really well on Sunday, making us all a delicious fry up and homemade scones. Luscious. I did nearly choke on them though whilst playing Cards Against Humanity.


It was a really fantastic weekend. Next week is all about trying to reduce my sugar intake after this week’s partying…doing a bit of exercise too (I’ve persuaded hubby to play squash a few times a week and he seems to be enjoying it…yay!)

Hope you all have a good week x


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