Harvey Nichols Chocolates – a perfect present

When I received some Harvey Nichols Chocolates to review, I thought all my Christmases had come at once!  Finally, my love of blogging has paid off, I’ve been asked to taste chocolate….every sweet tooth’s dream  😉

What’s in the box of Harvey Nichols Chocolates?

The Harvey Nichols ‘Luxury Chocolate Assortment’ contains English Violets, Praline Noisettes, Orange Contreaus, Coffee Chocolates, Chocolate Brazil Nuts, French Nougat, Butter Fourre, Fudge Vanilla, Frambose, Apricot Fondants, Stem Ginger Chocolates, English Roses, Caramel Vanilla and Rum Fouree.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I set about the very hard task of actually tasting the chocolates. They were awful. Ha…..I’m obviously jesting, they were just gorgeous! I don’t often taste English Violets, so that was my first choice. It was a lovely subtle flavour. I tried a couple more….all were just as nice. I made myself stop there though. I’m trying hard to “be good” at the moment. Getting a delivery of Harvey Nichols Chocolates is not the best thing when you’re a chocoholic like me but on a diet! So, I’ve saved the rest to share with friends at New Year (that’s if my husband doesn’t eat them all first!) – they’re such a lovely box to share, you look super generous  ;-D

I do think that these Harvey Nichols Chocolates make such a lovely present. They have all the classics in and say “ooh, I’m a bit posh, the person who gave me to you must really like you”

You can buy them in Harvey Nichols stores or online, they come in three different sizes to suit your budget. Obviously, if you’re buying for me….I’d like the large size please! I’d also recommend checking out their Christmas Hampers – I’ve bought plenty of hampers from them before, they are so good at customising to your tastes.

* Please note that although I received this product for review purposes, I was not required to be complimentary


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