How long do you stick to a diet?

I’ve been talking lots about the 5:2 diet lately. It’s good to get into the habit and it’s a “diet” that is meant to be long term (for the health benefits), however it can be hard when you take a break to get back into it again. I took a break for Christmas and have taken a break again for my birthday. Getting that will power going again can be tough!

Splenda have run a poll and the results have been published in The Express:

The average is five weeks, two days and 43 minutes.

But one in 10 lasts just a week.

Seeing themselves in a photo or reflected in a shop window was the top reason women gave for going on a diet. And craving for treats like chocolates or crisps was the biggest cause of failure.

Almost a third revealed they had put weight on during a diet.


I’m actually quite impressed that the average is five weeks! My previous history with diets was not good….the average was more like a few days!

How long is your average?


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