I love Maria Popova

Maria Popova

I consider myself to be an Internet Magpie. I’m always searching for little gems and am constantly sharing them, filing them, gathering them….and most of all getting excited about them.
Maria Popova is Queen Magpie.

Brain Pickings, along with a few other curators, is Maria’s outlet for letting us all know about interesting….erm…..”things”! I can’t actually think of a better word to use! It could be a book review, a quote, musings. All “things” though are sure to stimulate your intellectual senses.


Findings.com (very useful quote curating tool) describe Maria as the “Internet’s most awesome curator” and that “Maria, unlike many of the rest of us, approaches the vastness of the web with a sense of wonder that is infectious. Her work always communicates the passionate belief that the connectedness and openness of the Internet can foster creativity, curiosity, innovation, and growth.”

Brain Pickings


I whole heartedly recommend subscribing to the website and also following Maria on Twitter – @brainpicker




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