I need more sleep!

The sentence I utter pretty much every day…”I need more sleep!”

I know, from talking to friends, that there’s lots of you that feel the same too.

I’m my own worst enemy, it has to be said…I wake up tired, vowing to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep… only to fight going to bed that evening because I want to watch something on TV, or actually, a lot of the time it’s because I faff too much before going to bed.

Taking my makeup off is left right till the last minute, which is really stupid because taking my makeup off and doing my skincare routine inevitably wakes me up. My skincare suffers too to be honest as I’m tired and I sometimes get lazy…missing steps just so I can collapse in bed a bit quicker.

When I’m in bed I often lay restless, thinking about the day ahead and playing with my phone to read if I can’t sleep. I do have an app which turns the blue down and dulls the screen at night, but it’s still not great to look at a lit screen. My Kindle isn’t a lit screen but I never seem to have to charged.

The cycle continues. I wake up feeling like I need more sleep and not at all looking like this…

Sleep Neom

Only a Snapchat filter can achieve that!

What have I been doing about it?

Well, I’ve been doing our bedroom up, so it’s a lovely place to go to sleep and relax in…but it’s not quite ready to show you yet. Soon my pretties, soon.

At least that’s one thing I don’t have to correct. The room is usually a good temperature, our bed is lovely and big (super kingsize all the way!) and my pillow is fab.

Neom Scent to Sleep

Neom Organics very kindly sent me some goodies from their new Scent to Sleep range:

Scent to Sleep

I’ve been trying out the candle, pillow mist and the intensive deep sleep treatment. I wanted to give them a good try before I talked to you about them…and I can say, after around two weeks of using them, that they definitely help. They make me feel a lot more relaxed when I’m in bed…the lovely essential oils making my muscles untense and my mind unwind.

The intensive sleep treatment was something I was particularly interested in as I’d never tried something like that. You dab it on your pressure points and breathe in the lovely scent.

Neom Sleep Range

I think the candle and the sleep mist are my favourites. Neom candles always give a good strength of scent…which I like. The sleep mist is just lovely too.

The last week has been really busy, doing 100% Design with Dowsing & Reynolds (more deets on that to come), and I know that I have to get myself back into a good sleeping pattern to de-stress. So, I’ve made some ‘sleeping pledges’ to myself. I reckon if I can get into the habit of doing all of this, then a good night’s sleep will definitely be the norm.

My Sleep Pledges:

  1. Take my makeup off and do my skincare routine when I get home from work, or part way through the evening
  2. Keep my Kindle charged so I can read
  3. Keep using the Neom Scent to Sleep products
  4. Have more baths before bed (I’m going to get the Neom Scent to Sleep bath oil too)
  5. Keep a notebook next to my bed to write any reminders that I think of just as I’m dropping off

Wish me luck!

Have you guys tried the new Neom Scent to Sleep range? If not, be quick and buy some – they are have some offers in September.

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