Lately I…

…have mostly been up to, well, a lot! I’ve been busy as hell, which regular readers will know is pretty standard for me if I’m honest. I complain I’m too busy, but I love it really.

I thought I’d tell you about just a few things I’ve been doing lately. From seeing Giles Deacon talk to how to play Little Wheels (scroll down for that…err….delight!)

Giles Giles Giles!

I went to see Giles Deacon talk at the Leeds College of Art. He talked us through his journey to becoming the internationally renowned fashion designer that he is today. I bagged a front row seat (the audience was full of students who still think it’s cooler to sit at the back – I don’t want want to be cool, I want to see and hear Giles!)
Giles DeaconThe talk was great, inspiring and honest. Giles Deacon I did want to also ask “what’s it like to be with Brienne of Tarth?”…

Giles Deacon with Gwendoline Christie

Long weekend in Athens

J and I went to Athens for a long weekend for business (to see a business supplier). We had an AMAZING time, loved the city. Full post to come on that.


We flew out from Stanstead. What I will ask is…has anyone ever stayed at the Radisson Blu at Stanstead Airport? Nice hotel, but what is up with this freaky bed positioning?!Radisson Stanstead Sirport

Wearing stuff

I’m trying to get into posting more outfit blogs again. If I’m honest…it’s simply bad organisation on my part, being too busy and general laziness that has been stopping me. I love fashion and parading around in endless new clothes…so I’ll try to take more photos of me doing so. Check out my recent one here. Those Chanel pumps are still rocking my world.

Stuff I’ve been reading

Did you see processed and red meat being in the news for the cancer risk? Gemma from Dietitian Without Borders did post some interesting info on that. I’ve definitely cut down on processed and red meat since, but it’s good to closer at the facts and know that it should be OK to enjoy it every now and then.

Poppy wrote a great post asking are blog comments are dying out? I’ve definitely noticed I get less than I used to, but still get lots of positive vibes on both Twitter and Facebook. What do you think? Are they dying out?*

* too obvious a ploy to get a comment?  😀

Blogger Pals

It’s really bloody amazing to be a blogger in Leeds. Why? Because we’ve got a really supportive bunch of talented bloggers. It’s nice to feel a part of it. I don’t always have time to go to events, but when I do it’s fab to catch up with everyone.

The La Redoute Christmas Bloggers party was a real highlight. I’ll cover it in a separate post, but I will say it was so good to catch up with lots of people there. I couldn’t’ make it to the LUSH event, but I did blogger faves Faith and Dei at Trinity Kitchen first. LOVE those two!

I’ve been wearing my fringe off my face mostly for a little while, when I got a few centimetres chopped off it and wore it down again everyone thought I’d completely changed my haircut. Nope, I just cheated.

Oh yeah…and I got my nose pierced.

If you’re wondering, yes…it hurt. But I love it. Like, really love it.

Book Club Stuff

It was my first time at a book club which fellow blogger Amy had organised. Lovely people and a fab evening drinking Amy’s lush winter sangria!

Ah yes, I did also read a book for it… The Girl On The Train. Would I say it’s worth a read? I’m not sure. It’s certainly not ‘Gone Girl’ which it has been compared to a lot. The story is nowhere near as good. But, I did kinda like it. The main character, Rachel, is incredibly annoying at times…but it did keep me hooked. We’re reading H is for Hawk next.

Driving to stuff

We’ve been doing a fair bit more driving than usual, airports…trips to the mother-in-law etc.

If we go on the A1 I get pretty excited, because it means I get to go to OK Diner – woop!! I love pigging out occasionally on American food. Their malt milkshakes are to die for.OK-diner

Little Wheels Motorway ‘Game’

Ok, here’s the exciting bit folks (ha!)…how to play Little Wheels! It’s a game you play when you’re bored (very bored) on the motorway. On a drive down South, I was bored and decided to make a Snapchat story about it.

A friend of mine, Paul, invented the game on looong trips to see clients, so I don’t want to can’t take credit for it…but I will show you lucky lucky people how to play it:

For more riveting snaps, follow me by adding Digital-Diva  😀

Hope you have a lovely week or so in the lead up to Christmas and a fab festive holiday. I cannot wait to have the time off to slob around in my PJs, eat crap and watch endless terrible Christmas movies on Channel 5/Christmas 24.

Enjoy!  x



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