Lauden Chocolates (Leeds) in Great British Bake Off Crème de le Crème

Did you know that Leeds is the lucky home of amazing chocolatiers Lauden Chocolates? I didn’t until a few weeks ago. A few of my foodie friends did, but I was totally out of the loop.

I’m now firmly in the loop and pretty damn glad about it – they make absolutely gorgeous chocolate!

Both aesthetically beautiful and divine to eat.

Kirkstall-based Lauden Chocolates kindly sent me some in celebration of their MD Stephen Trigg and his team from Lauden Chocolates competing on Great British Bake Off Crème de le Crème. I would show off lots of beautiful photos of the chocolates….but, erm, I ate them! Seriously, I ate them all before I could stop myself to take more than one little piccie for Twitter.

I love chocolate…a lot. But I hate bad chocolate….poor quality choc that’s a waste of calories. If I fancy a treat, I usually stand in the aisle at Waitrose (I’m so middle class) and stare at all the different makes until I find one I fancy. My usual go-to’s are Green & Blacks…and occasionally Lindt or Montezuma.

The Lauden chocolates I tasted blew those guys out of the water…their plain bar was heavenly smooth and the flavour filled chocs had amazing flavours.

You can buy the mixed tray here and the plain bar here. For a luxury chocolate brand I actually think they are pretty decently priced, especially compared to luxury brands like Rococo.

Stephen Trigg and the Lauden Chocolates team flew through their heat on Great British Bake Off Crème de le Crème…

…and are in the semi-finals TONIGHT. My fingers are firmly crossed that they can get through the tough challenges and impress the judges.

Good luck!!


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