Le Chalet – French Tea & Cakes in the middle of Leeds

Becca (@eatlittlespoon) and I checked out Le Chalet in Leeds City Centre the other day. Le Chalet is a French Tea Room in the most unlikely of locations – in the financial district of the Leeds (Park Row).

The owner had a chat with us (with the most wonderful French accent, obviously) and explained that she really wanted to create a place where people came to eat together – good food with no additives or preservatives.

We tried a selection of savoury food and a few little cakes with some tea.

For the tea, I opted for lemon and Becca went for the blooming tea. My tea was lovely (not very lemony though), Becca’s was also nice and looked very pretty. The food was very good…the beef bourguignon got some great compliments from everyone around, but for me the stand outs were the ratatouille and the cheese/ham quiche. Classic simple food, but the flavours were really spot on. I’m a real pastry aficionado and the quiche delighted my taste buds with its butteriness. The cakes were really good too…exactly what you’d expect – lovely textures.






So, the food and tea was great. I think the bits they are working on still is the decor inside. Like I said, it’s in an odd setting (very bank-like), I was expecting dainty white tables…shabby chic. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part it’s very nice looking…but as they are fairly new there’s still parts that need to be worked on – it looks a bit unfinished in places. I do wonder if her delicious food and fab concept would be better in another location? To me, this should be the sort of place you think of first to go to on a nice Saturday afternoon (I definitely would) or with your girlfriends for some champagne and pastries (probably not, it’s not quite decedent enough).

I’d definitely recommend going along, enjoy the wine (it’s a good looking list)…devour the tasty food and cakes….and then take more cake / biscuits / cheese home with you if you feel like even more of a treat!

* please note the tea and food was complimentary, but my opinions are my own


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