Let’s Go Lashes at Pout Beauty – addicted!

I’ve been getting Let’s Go Lashes from the lovely girls at Pout Beauty for a few months now and can officially admit that I’m addicted!

I love mascara, it would be one of my ‘if you could only take one beauty item to a desert island?’ answers. I feel bare and tired looking without it. I’ve tried semi-permanent lashes before, mainly because they give the effect of mascara and a false eyelash effect all day and night long. I loved them, but laying down for two hours every fortnight and paying around £70 each time wasn’t really my idea of fun. So, as soon as I saw my favourite beauty salon (Pout Beauty in Chapel Allerton, Leeds) were doing something new called Let’s Go Lashes that gave the same effect by in only 20 mins for half the price, I thought I’d give them a try!

What are Let’s Go Lashes?

They are made by Noveau and are basically use exactly the same ‘glue’ as the semi-permanent lashes, it’s just the application of them that is different. Instead of separating each lash painstakingly, they are just placed on. I don’t know why anyone would actually both now with the 2hr semi-permanent process, but this gives pretty much exactly the same look. As you can see from the before and after photos below, they are amazing! I’ve also found that with Let’s Go Lashes, they don’t get as ‘tangled’ in the same way that the semi-permanent ones do. They do get a bit less perfectly defined towards the end of the two week cycle, but I actually quite like them like that.

I get the ‘glam’ look and ask for them to be longer at the ends, to give a bit of a cat-like look. I sometimes get blue ones added into the ends, which are quite subtle normally but just catch the light occasionally giving a lovely edgy look.

If you’d like to try Let’s Go Lashes for yourself, then book with Emily, Nicola or Zoe at Pout Beauty.

Let's Go Lashes - Before

Let’s Go Lashes – Before

Let's Go Lashes - After

Let’s Go Lashes – After

p.s. the day these photos were took, I had no makeup on…had a hangover and you could see every pore in my skin. So, I quickly ran the photos through the Perfect365 Android App and hey presto no visible pores and the horrific under-eye bags disappeared. I highly recommend this app for those days when your photo needs a bit of help! Yes, it’s cheating….but you would not have been looking at the lashes, you’d have been think “hell girlfriend…..get a facial!!”  😀


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