Letter Board Love

Letter Boards…they seem to be the ‘in’ thing on Instagram right now… they are all over my feed.

Usually when I see a trend like that, I try my hardest to resist. But, I couldn’t…willpower was never my strong point! I opted for the gold edged black letter board from Rose & Grey (£45)…which is out of stock at the moment (told you they were popular!)…you can find the same one at Oliver Bonas for £49.

(you can also buy the copper USB plug socket here – black & white inserts available)

Letter Board Gold & Black

If you’re wondering why it says what it does…(sorry for the swearing)…blame the husband. The ‘unicorns’ in this instance are cups of tea. 


I get up a little earlier than James on a weekday, so I usually make him a cuppa. He went through a phase a while back of forgetting to drink the tea (but he’d still complain if I didn’t make it, obvs!) and I was getting a bit annoyed about it. So, on the spur of the moment one morning I told him that every time he forgot to drink a cup of tea a unicorn died. 

Now, obviously, he knew this wasn’t quite truthful…….buuuuuut…..my story of these poor unicorns must have hit an emotional string because it did stop him from forgetting to drink his cups of tea (and on the rare occasions he did, if he was quick enough, he could warm them a little in the microwave to ‘resuscitate’ the unicorn).

The unicorn story even made it onto the Dowsing & Reynolds tape we use to pack orders – the delivery men and women are asked not to drop our parcels….or a unicorn dies. We’ve got no idea if this does actually decrease breakages…but it does often bring a smile to customers’ faces! So…there you go 🙂

Get yourself a letter board…I want to see what you write on it! The weirder the story, the better!


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