Live LAGOM! Being more sustainable at home

I’ve become an ambassador for Ikea’s Live LAGOM sustainable project and I want to tell you all about it…but first…we’ve moved into our new house!

We’re finally in!

It happened a couple of weeks ago and we’ve since been generally trying to unpack a bit and get stuff sorted (carpets fitted upstairs, gas installed, lots and lots going on).

Before we moved, at the end of last year, Ikea asked me to be a Live LAGOM ambassador. Live LAGOM means “just the right amount”. It’s Ikea’s sustainability programme, previously for staff only and this is the first year that they have opened it out to others.  The Live LAGOM project is not about depriving ourselves. It’s about striking the balance and making the most of what we’ve got.

Live LAGOM sustainable home project

When I was asked to be an Ikea Live LAGOM ambassador I was pretty excited. I’ve always tried to recycle and do a few bits for the environment, but if I’m honest I always knew I could do much more. I was interested to see what support Ikea could give me in this area.

James and I went along to the first session at the Leeds branch of Ikea early one Sunday morning. I do mean early…the Ikea car park was empty. Empty!! I’ve never seen such a spectacle! We met the others doing the project with us…there’s a couple of other bloggers doing the Live LAGOM project, a few families and also Ikea staff. Karen from Making Spaces blogged about the start of her Live LAGOM journey here and Anna from Angel In The North talked about what she’s going to focus on here.

Chris and the Ikea team talked us through what the project would entail, what previous people had achieved and gave us some guidance for what we might want to look at. We could look at anything from conserving heat to reducing water wasted to recycling more to using less electricity….to well, there’s lots we can all do. It helps to start somewhere. Start small and increase.

Live LAGOM at Ikea Leeds

We had thought we were going to mainly focus on food waste. James and I aren’t great at meal planning and I hate it when we waste food. Veggies seems to be the main victim of our poor planning…they go limp and mouldy at the bottom of our fridge, mainly because we’ve eaten out lots that week, have been out and about or just simply couldn’t be bothered to cook. So I thought if we could focus on growing our own, then this would help. I love the thought of going to a veg patch in the garden to pick some veggies as we need them. No waste and I could be all smug about eating stuff I’d grown.

However, when the Ikea team came to our house to visit, we talked a lot more about our new house (we told them we were due to move into an old, much bigger, Early Victorian house) and quickly realised that actually our efforts would be best spent in preventing heat from escaping. This would mean lower energy bills and less wasted heat. My previous house was a 1980s house which I lived in for many years. It had great double glazing, and we had insulated as much as we could  so we had never had to think overly about keeping the heat in. Our new Victorian house with all it’s glorious nooks and crannies…but also drafts…would be a challenge for us to keep the heating bills down.

I’ll keep you up to date about how I get on… next up, I’ll tell you what products we chosen to spend our £500 credit at Ikea on.


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