London Fashion Week: 5 Preconceptions v What Happened

My first season at London Fashion Week went a lot better than I thought it might. I knew it would be chaotic and crazy…but I also had a few other preconceptions. I’d read Natalie’s 25 truths about London Fashion Week (tips include that you can totally watch most of the shows from the comfort of your own home at and that only the front row get goody bags), but as a London Fashion Week newbie, I still had no real idea what to expect! Here’s what I thought and what actually happened…

#1: I’d feel out of place amongst a sea of slender girls  
I’m not fat, but I ain’t skinny either girlfriend! I did wonder if I’d feel decidedly out of place amongst a raft of fashion waifs. This wasn’t actually true though…sure, my size 12/14 figure was a bit bigger than most London Fashion Week attendees, but to be honest there was such a lot of variety of styles, shapes and all sorts that I felt completely at home. Small people, tall people, size 12/14 people, size 6/8 people. I didn’t feel like I was being judged at all (maybe it’s just because I’m just not bothered?)

#2: Most girls would be bitchy   
I can be quite  a ‘perky’ girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Zoella (that gal takes perkiness to a whole new level)…and I can be a proper grumpy mare, but when I’m excited to be somewhere…it shows. I don’t do “cool and nonchalant’ well at all.

Case in point when I met my skincare hero Caroline Hirons during the day. I basically screamed “oh my God, it’s you!” in her face. There’s no way you can come back from that really. Thankfully she didn’t treat me like the maniac that I sounded.

Fashion Blogger Digital Diva
I also got to meet another blogger, Poppy Dinsey, whom I’ve had a very long standing respect for, her blog was the first I ever started reading and I’m a fan of her honest and witty style of writing. When you put someone on a pedestal, even if it’s only a small nice pedestal, they can often disappoint by being fairly haughty…maybe this is especially so with bloggers because we almost feel like we’re getting to know them more through their blogs…but when you do meet, they don’t you from Adam, leaving a big intimacy imbalance. Happily, Poppy was just as I imagined… genuine, friendly and intelligent.

Here’s Poppy with perfect eyebrows and me looking pretty excited (just a shame about the shadows making us look like we have beards!)…see what I mean about my inability to look cool and unbothered?

Poppy D & Digital Diva

The girls looking after me at London Fashion Week were all really nice, I had some lovely chats with them. When it’s time to get everyone seated, it’s pretty manic. There are lots of people basically in charge of getting the people they are looking after seated in the right places…and it gets a bit fraught. One lady was really trying to persuade one of the show staff to let her stand in a silly place (in the way of some of the photographers), but in stead of being curt or rude, the show staff member was firm but actually really nice. I saw quite a few instances like that. I’m sure there are bitchy people ahoy at London Fashion Week, but I was surprised not to see any of it.

#3: I’d need to wear comfortable shoes 
Erm, yes…definitely! There were quite a few peeps in gorgeous heels and towering wedges, but they looked uncomfortable and self-conscious. Having read Poppy’s blog for a fair while, I’ve read enough of her London Fashion Week posts to know that comfortable footwear is a must. I wasn’t even traipsing from venue to venue like most do (I was exclusively at Fashion Scout), but my feet still felt the ache of moving upstairs then downstairs constantly. I was very glad I’d worn comfy (but still pretty damn amazing) studded boots by Jeffrey Campbell.

#4: Coconut water is THE healthy fashion drink 
Yep, Vita Coco (who kindly gave me my ticket) were everywhere at Fashion Scout. I’d heard anecdotally that it’s all anyone drinks at London Fashion Week and it’s definitely true that it’s very popular. The fridge in the waiting area was constantly being refilled after being raided by thirsty fashionistas.

#5: The clothes on the catwalk would be bonkers and not ‘for normal people’ 
That’s a main preconception for lots of my friends that aren’t in the fashion industry. I found it wasn’t true. Sure there were some ridiculous creations and some amazing statements (Gareth Pugh this year!), but there was A LOT of very wearable outfits. Pretty much all the Soojin Lee outfits were totally what anyone could wear, and Rohmir too to be honest. Rohmir had the most gorgeous fluffy sweater that I instantly lusted after.

London Fashion Week Rohmir

I’ll post more on the shows I saw at London Fashion Week soon.



  1. March 21, 2015 / 8:56 pm

    So gutted i didn’t bump into you!!! 🙁

    Glad you had fun, I love fashion scout as a venue – you can catch some amazing new designers!

    A Forte For Fashion


    • Digital Diva
      March 22, 2015 / 11:43 am

      Ahhh, I know! Would have been fab to see you, you looked great on your pics! Fingers crossed I get invited again! xx

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