How to look after a bob hairstyle

Bobs are so in season right now. Medium hairstyles of all types are a good choice for dedicated followers of hair fashion…but I don’t think you can go far wrong with a classic bob. I’ve loved having a bob over the past year or so. It’s gone from being a fairly short bob to a longer grown out one at the moment. I’ve also gone bright pink with my locks!

Simple as the cut may be, however, there are a few styling tips that might be useful for you to keep your bob looking fresh. Here are some hair care tips:

Wash regularly as greasiness is more obvious

If you have a bob cut, or one of the many medium hairstyles in trend this season, you may have noticed that grease and other nasties build up more quickly and are more obvious than in much longer styles. Defeat this problem by washing your hair regularly. The actual frequency will depend on the type of hair you have – thicker, darker styles can hide a bit of greasiness more easily, while fine and/or blond locks will probably need doing every day. If you’re new to medium styles, wash more or less frequently for a while and with some trial and error you’ll be able to work out what’s best for your locks. Of course, the hair’s oils are always welcome as natural moisturisers, especially if you have really dry hair, so you can always freshen up with some dry shampoo as an alternative to washing your hair every day. I couldn’t live without dry shampoo.

Keep hair off your face with a hair band

Hair cut into a bob has a lot of natural movement and swishes easily in the wind. This can be a lovely look, but also requires a bit of management when you don’t want to get too much hair in your face. To care for your hair properly, invest in a thick headband and use this to pull back your hair, right away from your face when applying make-up, skin creams or moisturisers. This will help avoid getting any gunk in your luscious bob, keeping it clean and fresh for longer. I never take my makeup off or cleanse my face without my trusty thick headband. Also, if your hair gets in the way while you’re working or exercising, and your hair is long enough, you can always go for a stylish half bun or side braid.

Leave in conditioner spray

Medium styles require a bit of conditioning to help prevent fly-away hairs or frizz. However, heavier cream or paste conditioners can sometimes be designed for longer styles meaning they can be too intense for a bob. See how your hair is feeling and if your usual conditioner is feeling too heavy, keep it light with a leave-in conditioning spray. These make it much easier to regulate the amount you need. Sprays simply require a quick spritz post-wash rather than an extra rinse in the shower. See how your hair feels and choose the right conditioner for you. 

Dry upside down to create volume

Bobs look best with a little bit of volume and the easiest way to get this quickly is to blow dry your hair up-side-down. Make like a sleeping vampire and leave your locks flowing towards the ground then dry in that position. When finished, flip your head up and give your barnet a good shake. You’ll have a no-hassle, voluminous look in no time.

Medium hairstyles really are the way forward right now…for me, anyway! By following these tips and giving your locks a little TLC you’ll make sure your bob stays forever beautiful and fresh.

What tips do you have for wearing or styling a bob?


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