Lust List: Claudia Bertini, Gucci, Alexander Wang & more

I’m lusting after a few luxury items at the moment and I’m stopping myself from making any purchases because we’re meant to be saving at the moment…and I’d like to go on holiday (probably Mauritius) this year.

That means no bloody spending Ally!!!

So, in an effort to cleanse myself of these lustful desires…I’m going to share them with you and it’ll maybe feel like I’ve bought them and enjoyed them? Hmmmm…not sure this will help, but let’s give it a shot.

Claudia Bertini Wrap Trousers

I spotted these in one of Sheer Luxe’s newsletters…the photo was in a montage and it was love at first sight. Claudia Bertini Wrap trousers

It took some serious detective work to track them down…as usual, they are pinned on Pinterest to high heaven, but not from the original source…just from a sodding Tumblr. Don’t you just hate that?! Some reverse image searching and scouring of file names eventually brought me to the designer – Claudia Bertini. They are high waisted ‘paper bag’ trousers. She calls them wrap trousers. I love the dusky pink colour…she’s got a few variations. Her website doesn’t show which photos go with what colours and fabrics (helpful!), but I’m guessing these are the light aubergine ones, although I’m not totally sure. At current exchange rate, they are £445. I don’t need them, I just love them.

Gucci Marmont Heels

I blame Lizzy Hadfield (Shot From The Street) for my current Gucci shoe lust. I love her Gucci Marmont Heels. I’m not even sure they’d suit me and my style….but dear god, I want them!

Gucci marmont Heels

At £455, I don’t need them…..I don’t need them (chants, repeatedly).


TopShop Espadrilles

Lily Melrose featured these in her July TopShop Haul vlog and I think they are just gorgeous. They are mostly sold out…but they do have my size in a TopShop the other side of Leeds. Hmmmm……maybe….

TopShop Espadrilles


Alexander Wang Rucksack

I have been lusting after the Alexander Wang Dumbo Rucksack for quite some time now…ever since I spotted one in Manchester TK Maxx, bought it…and then decided to return it. Why did I return it? The hardware was rose gold. I don’t wear a lot of rose gold and I like to make sure that any big investment bags are going to last me years…I’m not sure if rose gold will last past a few more years, so I made myself take it back. I was both super proud of sensible me and also dying inside.

My friend Laura from A Forte For Fashion actually spotted it in the Leeds store (the store I took it back to) and said “ah I really want this Alexander Wang rucksack”…I think she thought I was mad for returning it. But although it was a bargain for this bag, it was still too much money to spend on something that might not stand the test of time. I saw a lady in The Trinity in Leeds with it a few weeks later. She looked good and I was happy it went to a good home. Maybe one day I’ll buy it again in silver or gold hardware. It’s worth noting I do own an Alexander Wang Rocco bag which is a similar design, but not a rucksack. See? I don’t need it! *chants again*


Kurt Geiger Mayfair Heels

I love the lace up design on the Mayfair heels. Quite a few bloggers have been wearing these…again, another one that Lizzy has me lusting over….

Top down view today!

A post shared by Lizzy Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet) on

Lots of shoes on this list, huh? I do love shoes though. They can make an outfit.

Ok, so that’s my current lust list guys. I do feel like letting it out helped…haha!

Ally x



  1. Charlotte Gransden
    July 31, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    Ooo I love the things youve picked out here! I have loved tie front shorts like that in the past, but they just dont look right over my belly 🙂 I love the backpack aswell, I need something like that in my life!

    • August 1, 2016 / 8:13 am

      I know what you mean about the trousers…I’ve lost some weight recently, which is the only reason I would be able to wear them. Another reason not to buy them just in case I put it back on ? That backpack, huh? I still love it. X

    • Digital Diva
      August 18, 2016 / 9:34 am

      Hahaha!! I know…Laura was so freaked out that I actually did it and it’s very unlike me to exercise that kind of willpower. I was thinking about it the other day though and I still think I made the right decision. Plus…I’ve offset it by making some impulse big purchases this month due to feeling lousy (more on that to come :D)

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