Man Crush Monday (#MCM)

Happy Monday folks…Man Crush Monday (#MCM) in fact! I don’t have to think too hard about my Man Crush Monday, it’s my husband (I can almost hear you say “awwww…….” and then puke a bit). I have to say though, my husband is a diva. There, I said it. He’s a proper diva…and a show off. I love him for it though…he’s very confident, without being cocky. He knows his own mind well and although he listens to my opinion on what he wears and often asks my advice, he’s always got very clear ideas of what he wants to wear. He’s very adaptable and not scared of standing out in the crowd.

You will have seen that I’ve blogged about New Look a few times before, they are one of my favourite high street shops and contribute to a very healthy percentage of the clothes and shoes in my dressing room (yes, I have a dressing room). I’ve shopped there for myself for many years, but have never bought any of the men’s clothes. New Look asked me to take a look at the men’s clothing for Man Crush Monday to create an outfit for my husband. Knowing him, I gave him free reign and he chose the following items:

Man Crush Monday #MCM

Man Crush Monday #MCM

New Look Blazer

New Look Shoes

White Heisenberg T-shirt – £14.99
Grey Ponti Blazer – £39.99
Black Lace up Brogues – £24.99
Light Blue Tapered Faded Jeans – £19.99

We were both big fans of Breaking Bad when it was on and felt bereft when it ended. He was pleased to get the tee as a homage. The light jeans are such a great colour, he’s never had a pair this light before…usually going for dark jeans. The blazer is very him…he’s been fast running out of blazers because he wears them so much, so it’s good to find another good one. The shoes are great, tying in the tee.

I really do love this look on him…but then, I’m biased and think he’d look great in a bin bag! He loves the look too (he says ‘thank you New Look for the clothes’ in his best ‘thank you’ voice) and thinks he should have a blog of his own now where he can swan around in clothes and pose for endless photos. Hmmm…I think not. I’m the Digital Diva    😉

Who’s your Man Crush Monday?


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