MeatLiquor Leeds: Burgers & Cocktails

MeatLiquor Leeds opened it’s very new doors to us last night. MeatLiquor are legends in London (lots of friends say their burgers are to die for), so I was really looking forward to this opening party.

MeatLiquor Leeds

MeatLiquor Leeds: The Food

We got to taste their burgers (in slider form…’smaller burgers’ for those thinking “huh?”), tobacco onions and chicken pieces. I’m pretty sure they aren’t actually called ‘chicken pieces’, but there wasn’t any info available on what we were given, so I’m just calling them that. The burgers were good, the tobacco onions were pretty damn amazing (crunchy with a spicy kick) and the chicken pieces were nice but odd (they tasted like twiglets). It’s really hard to assess the food when it’s in ‘nibbles’ format, but it’s definitely got promise. There didn’t seem to be any copies of the actual menu for it’s proper opening…it would be good to see what they will be serving up (*update: I found the menu online). I’m keen to see what different types of burgers they will be serving, we’re big fans of Byron (also just opened in Leeds….blog post coming soon), so they are going to be hard to beat in my eyes. A good bit of competition never hurt anyone though!

MeatLiquor Leeds Chicken

MeatLiquor Leeds Burgers

MeatLiquor Leeds Tobacco Onions

MeatLiquor Leeds Nibbles

MeatLiquor Leeds: The Cocktails

They had a few cocktails on the night including a passion fruit daiquiri, their version of a moscow mule and a few more. All really tasty!

MeatLiquor Leeds Cocktails



MeatLiquor Leeds: The Decor & Atmosphere

They’ve gone for a ‘social club’ look to the place and have some good imagery around. At the risk of sounding really bloody old, the music was a bit loud – we were struggling to hear each other and it was a bit of a relief when we went upstairs. A friend of mine knows quite a bit about sound and says this is because restaurant/bar owners don’t realise that you can turn the mid frequencies down…which is the frequency that human voices are usually at. If you do this, you can keep the music pumping, but still enable everyone to chat to each other. I think I got that right, feel free to correct me if not! Either way, MeatLiquor do need to do this (as do a lot of places).




Fellow bloggers Faith from Music & Eyeliner and Kellie from Big Fashionista were also at the party, you can check out Kellie’s blog post here.


Cool balloon hats, huh? MeatLiquor had hired a really good balloon artist (is that the correct term?!) for the evening…so I took the opportunity to grab a bit of Instagram Hyperlapse…

MeatLiquor looks like it’s going to be a great place for groups of friends to go and have fun, enjoy the the cocktails and have some tasty burgers. Check them out – they are on the edge of The Trinity, behind Victoria’s Secret.



  1. September 7, 2014 / 1:05 pm

    Thanks for the link to my post, definitely agree with what you say.

    PS, the chicken pieces were called, Monkey Fingers.

    • Digital Diva
      September 7, 2014 / 4:43 pm

      Ahhhh! They were chicken fingers!

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