Mint Pleated Tulle Skirt from Joy

I bought this mint pleated tulle skirt from Joy last year. I love the floaty daftness of it…it feels a bit Carrie Bradshaw. I always worry it makes my hips look a bit big because it puffs out…but sod it, I like it! ┬áThe only trouble is that I keep getting it trapped under the wheels of my office chair. Think I need to practise wearing maxi skirts a bit more.

p.s. it looks a bit electric blue actually in these photos, but it’s def. a mint colour

Pleated Tulle Skirt from Joy

Mint Pleated Tulle Skirt // Joy

Tee // TopShop

Scarf // Primark

Skull Flats // Florence & Fred

Pleated Tulle Skirt from Joy


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