Mozaic: Fine Dining in Ubud, Bali

When researching restaurants in Ubud, Bali…I quickly learnt that if we wanted fine dining, then Mozaic was the place to go. We love eating a range of foods when away on holiday and wanted everything from street food to food that’s a bit more luxurious. Moziac is a Indonesian-French fine dining restaurant offering a few different tasting menus…which sounded right up our street.

After reading lots of glowing reviews, we booked online through their website for a Friday night, which was our anniversary. Nice treat meal to celebrate!

Chris Salans, head chef/owner at Mozaic seems to be a bit of a star chef in Ubud. He has a cookbook available to buy if you go to the restaurant and fancy trying your hand at the dishes.

We arrived at Mozaic, which is just out of central Ubud (10 mins in a taxi) and were swept into their bar area. We chose from the different tasting menus and once we’d picked we were taken through to the main restaurant. We were seated ‘indoors’ (still very open) rather than out in the open fully, due to the stormy weather. I think the staff would prefer to seat us outdoors, but it was still a nice atmosphere.

Mozaic Fine Dining Restaurant, Ubud

You pick from the Grand Tasting Menu (six or eight courses) or the Secret Tasting Menu. I’d usually go for the secret as I think it’s nice not to know what you’re going to eat…however, I thought the price difference just for not knowing was a bit steep (maybe you get even better dishes? who knows), so we opted for the 8-course Grand Tasting Menu. Here’s a little peek at what we had:

The Grand Menu

We asked for no foie gras, as neither of us like the taste…or are particularly comfortable with the way it’s made. I’d say that the chef definitely likes mushrooms. I’m not a mushroom lover at all, but I managed to cope!

A nice touch was that with every dish, the server would tell you about which local ingredients are in the dish  and what it looked like raw. All the ingredients were kept on a bowl on your table. I can be a bit clumsy sometimes and I kept meddling and dropping them all, cue much sniggering from the tables around us! I did know quite a few of the ingredients, but definitely learnt a bit too.

Ingredients in the tasting menu

So, without further ado…here’s some photos of what we ate:Amuse BoucheTasting Menu at MozaicMozaic, UbudMozaic, BaliFrench - Indonesian CuisineFine dining in UbudMozaic restaurant in UbudMozaic restaurant, Ubud BaliDessertPetit Fours

All in, we spent around £200, which is on a similar scale to some UK fine dining restaurants (most comparable to the Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds). Do note that I don’t drink a lot though, so this would go up a lot if you’re ordering a few bottles of wine.

I’d say the food wasn’t of MBTC wowy-ness, it was a lot safer and what you’d usually expect from a traditional fine dining restaurant.

We really enjoyed our meal at Mozaic. It didn’t make us say “wow, that was amazing”, but it was very enjoyable, tasty and the evening was fantastic.

We also visited Chris Salans’ other restaurant in Ubud, Spice. It’s more of a street food style café and you can read more about that in an upcoming blog post.

If you’re visiting Bali…and definitely Ubud soon, keep your eye on this blog for more reviews from Ubud and Seminyak in Bali.



  1. November 9, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    We ate there too! Food didn’t blow my mind but the setting is gorgeous!

    • Digital Diva
      November 9, 2016 / 5:31 pm

      Yep, sounds like a similar experience. Lovely, but not mindblowing. Fab setting.

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