MultiVitality Boost: B Vitamin drink

Healthspan very kindly sent me some MultiVitality Boost to try. It’s an effervescent  multivitamin drink designed to give you a boost when you’re feeling a little tired.

What’s in MultiVitality Boost?

Healthspan’s Multivitality Boost drink comes in orange and mixed flavours and each sachet has the whole B vitamin family at the levels recommended by their nutritionists to deliver energy and immunity support.

I’m not keen on those vitamin drinks that contain 500+% of your RDA – I’m no expert, but this surely can’t be good for you? This is why I like the MultiVitality Boost – it contains 100-200% RDAs of each vitamin.

As well as the B vitamins, Zinc also plays a key role in the production of energy and is supported by the magnesium which helps you to overcome tiredness and fatigue. They have also included guarana to give it a bit of a kick!

It tastes, well, it tastes like a vitamin drink! It’s not amazing, but it’s certainly not bad. My other half and I had some whilst doing an epic gardening session (how very rock and roll!) and it kept us going for a good while! I def. give this drink a thumbs up.

(product was given to me for free, but my views are all my own)


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