Murder On The Posh Floor Event

The weekend before last (where does time go?) I went to the ‘Murder On The Posh Floor’ event with quite a few other Leeds and Yorkshire Bloggers. were treating us to a Murder Mystery along with a meal at the Hilton in Leeds.

It was a fab chance to catch up with lots of my favourite bloggers…Leeds Bloggers

Left to Right: Corrine from Skinnedcartree, Dash from Mode Lily, Deimanté from Sunnydei, Gabby from What She Buys, me!, India from Touchscreens & Beauty Queens, Laura from A Forte For Fashion and Lucinda from The Fashion Fictionary.

They said to dress glam, so I chose one of my fave Bolongaro Trevor dresses and added some studded Zara heels and a Vivienne Westwood cardigan.

It was great to see Lorna, Karris (who is technically a London blogger now! We lost another good one!), Kristina and Jessica at our table too. Murder On The Posh Floor

The Murder Mystery got underway and we set about solving the case… I won’t go into all the detail, because you might go to one yourself some time (the company who ran it, The Murder Mystery Company, were good).

The main deets were that a posh dude was killed and we had to solve the murder by working out who killed him. We had to ask questions, take a look at evidence and generally be more like Sherlock Holmes than the guy playing Sherlock on the actual day.


Murder-on-the-posh-floor--4Murder On The Posh Floor Murder-on-the-posh-floor--5


To be honest, it was a good job I was on a good table. My attention wasn’t great from tweeting too much (what’s new there then?) and I was having a good giggle with Dei next to me.

We all chipped in, but I would say that Lorna was a bloody trooper.


She put her teacher skills to good use and organised us all. It worked too, we won!


Snapchat: digital-diva

We then had to act out what actually happened.Murder On The Posh Floor


Kristina and I about to act out the scene


The winning team!

I mostly giggled and looked a bit squeamish near the pretend dead body….


We won a bottle of champers for the table to celebrate our win and I put Dry Jan on pause to have a glass. Well, it would have been rude not to!  😀Murder-on-the-posh-floor--9

Thanks to Jennie and the rest of SearchLabs for a lovely event.Murder-on-the-posh-floor--10P.S. It was lovely to finally meet Georgina from She Might Be Loved. Her skin is even more gorgeous in person.


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  1. February 14, 2016 / 6:34 pm

    Ah I love the first picture, you’re all so silly but adorable! I was so surprised how much fun we had, truly great afternoonand always so nice to chat to you!

    Dash Xx | Mode Lily

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