My favourites from Habitat’s new collection

Habitat have really upped their game in the past year or two. My nearest is the mini-Habitat in Leeds Moor Allerton Homebase. If I ever go in, I can browse for quite a while picking lovely things up. They are doing well with their lighting (versus the blandness of the usual department stores in this area) and seem to have a good buyer selecting a number of on-trend pieces that are really affordable.

Here’s are my current picks from their new collections:

Habitat Favourites

1. Glass Ceiling Light
On-trend with the brass metal work.

2. Round grey glass vase
Just begging to be filled with beautiful flowers.

3. Walnut veneer bedside table
Functional with nice lines.

4. Grey dining chair
Solid oak legs and hella comfy.

5. Pink Bamboo Salad Servers
Perfect for sunny BBQs (praying to the sun gods that we get some this summer!)

6. Faceted grey stonewear jug
Soon as I saw this, I bought it. I’m a sucker for anything geometric.


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