My Fitness Journey…continued (a visit to the Podiatrist)

It’s been a little while since I told you how I was getting on with my fitness, so I thought I’d give y’all an update.

Err…not very well!!

About six weeks ago I ended up having to go to a Podiatrist because the outside of my left leg kept hurting after running. I was getting mixed advice on what it could be…from an IT band issue through to my sciatica making a comeback. So, I decided to seek out an expert’s verdict from a podiatrist.

A podiatrist is basically an expert in all things foot and leg related. A friend at work recommended him (thanks Lesley!) and he ended up being well worth the money (about £65).

I say well worth…that’s if you like being told you’re a “dangerous runner”! Yep, a dangerous runner. I know exactly the TV reference you’re thinking of right now…

I don’t actually run that badly…but I do have some bad habits I need to break. The podiatrist videoed me walking and then running, from lots of angles. He showed me that I’m collapsing one hip as I run, I’m knock-kneed and over-correcting, I’m tilting my head slightly to one side…the list goes on *sigh*.

After watching me run, he did a few exercises with me and declared that I had no balance (it’s true…I can never be a tree in yoga) and my core was weak (you got me there guv). He also thought all these things combined were aggravating my sciatic nerve. Well, great.

It was at this point he told me not to run for six weeks because I was a dangerous runner  *the shame*. He packed me off with a few exercises to do around balance and strengthening my toes and said he’d write to my Physiotherapist to tell her just how was I was (he meant have said ‘what the issues were’, whatever).

I’ve been doing them (when I remember to) and have been seeing Stacy at the Yorkshire Physio Network in Chapel Allerton since then too (love her) and she’s given me some extra exercises to strengthen my core. I’m not doing badly at all, I’ve got reminders set on my phone to do them and I feel like I’m getting a bit better. We’ll see what the podiatrist thinks of my progress when I see him this week.

An additional thing I’ve been doing to improve my core is a 30-day Plank Challenge with Tough n Buff. It’s to support The Children’s Society which is fab (you donate here, every £ really helps) and is hopefully getting me a bit fitter at the same time. I quite like doing planks, so…I’ll be honest with you…I didn’t think it would be too hard.

I was stupid.

The month started at 20 seconds, not bad at all…and went up by 5 seconds each day. However, it’s now going up 15 seconds a day…

…and I’m currently at 2 mins 30 seconds.

WHAT?!?!?!  I’m only half way through the month!  *sobs*

The good news is that my core is definitely improving. The bad news is that this challenge may kill me.

I’ll report back soon on whether it does…and whether my podiatrist still thinks I’m a dangerous runner. Wish me luck.


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