My October Style Summary: What I Wore

Here’s what I looked like in October… these are some of the photos that I uploaded to What I Wore Today.

I’ve been on WIWT for a couple of months now, but It’s rare that I upload every day. I usually forget on weekends and if I look a bit crap I don’t bother! What I find interesting about using WIWT is that it really gives you a more realistic view of what you actually look like. There’s nothing like seeing a photo of yourself every single day. Quite often I say “does my hair really look like that today?!” (always worse than I’m expecting).

Here’s my quick summary:

  • I’ve been enjoying the animal print trend
  • I’ve realised I own quite a few coats and I always want more
  • I love lots of different styles and wear whatever suits my mood
  • I started experimenting with top knots. I think I like them stupidly high on my head (although it does feel like I’m balancing something on my head)
  • I thought I liked the beige top (the one I wore with the cream rose ring), but have decided it’s not me.
  • I like bursts of pink
  • I love black skinnies
  • It’s all taken at, or going to, work

For November, I’m going to try to remember to to take more pics when I’m out on an evening / a weekend.


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