My Perfect Day

Love for shopping

Groupon have asked what makes a perfect day?
Valentine’s Day is actually my birthday (the postman thinks I’m VERY lucky with the boys!) so that day for me would have to be:




  • Wake up to pancakes made by my fiancé (he’s very good at them!)….I know it’s Pancake Day tomorrow, but honestly, I’ve have pancakes every morning if I could!



  • Receive a parcel from Flannels Online (fashion retailer) saying that because it’s my birthday, I’ve won the trench coat that I’d been lusting after! I mean, how good would that be?! I’m a fashion lover, but my bank balance doesn’t always let me buy all that I want (which is where Groupon comes in very handy).

Trench Coat from Flannels


  • Go for a lovely walk in the countryside where everything is green and you can feel the tensions just seep away. I used to hate walking, I really didn’t see the point in it, but now I find it to be so relaxing. I’m lucky enough to live in a county that is very beautiful, so I try to get out to see it whenever I can.

Yorkshire Dales


  • Go out for a delicious meal at a French restaurant where I’d eat steak and drink some Italian red wine. Although I do love lots of different cuisines and it’s hard to pick a favourite, I think this is pretty much my perfect meal.


 So, that’s my perfect day. I hope my fiancé is taking note  😉

What’s your perfect day?


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