NEOM at Victoria Gate Leeds

I was really pleased to hear that NEOM were opening a store in Victoria Gate in Leeds, as regular readers will know I’m a fan of the NEOM brand (I recently reviewed their Scent to Sleep range). Most gals love a good candle, obvs, but I’ve always believed that aromatherapy really can help to relax you or change your mood.

When I was working on my MSc, I used to burn candles at home which were good for concentration…I *think* it worked…well, I passed  ;-D

Neom was created in 2005 by Nicola Elliott. She’s a trained aromatherapist and ex-magazine journalist whose own well being, and that of her close friends and colleagues, was being affected by the hectic pace and stress of constant 60 hour weeks.

I think quite a lot of us have been there…exhausted and burnt out, needing to relax, but not able to.

Although the brand is called NEOM London, they are actually a Yorkshire based company. They opened their first store in Wimbledon Village in 2014. So, I guess they are a London-born brand. Nicola said: “After the opening of our first store in London, where the NEOM brand was born, the second site was clear to me…Leeds, where I was born!”

NEOM Reed Diffusers

Nicola believes that pure essential oils can help address the wellbeing of women who were being affected by the pressures of modern day living (poor sleep, high stress and low energy and mood). So she began making therapeutic tinctures for her friends and not long after NEOM’s signature Scent to Sleep fragrance,  tranquillity, was created. It blends 19 essential oils including lavender, basil and jasmine, all sourced for their most effective sleep inducing properties. She uses 100% natural fragrances and the highest possible percentage of essential oils.

NEOM Scent to Sleep

So, off I went to check the new place out! The NEOM store in Victoria Gate is gorgeous. This is as you’d expect it to be not only from NEOM…but for a store in the beautiful Victoria Gate. They have a ‘Scent Discovery Bar’…

NEOM at Victoria Gate in Leeds
…you basically smell a few different scents to see which you like most. The idea is that the scent you like most is the one your body needs.

NEOM's Scent Discovery Bar

Scent Discovery Bar at Victoria Leeds

I liked the ‘Scent to Sleep’ range best. Not surprising!!

NEOM Sleep Range

My second favourite seemed to be the ‘de-stress’ range, which I haven’t tried before. Loved the smell of that range.

NEOM De-stress Candle

A few others there on the opening evening were matched to the ‘boost your energy’ range and the ‘uplifting’ range.

NEOM at Victoria Gate in Leeds

NEOM also have a lovely Christmas range for anyone looking for looking pressies for friends. They smelt lovely (obvs) and I do have my eye on a few of these for possible purchases.

NEOM Christmas Wish NEOM Christmas Range
If you fancy knowing more about the NEOM brand, drop into the new store in Victoria Gate in Leeds and speak to one of these lovely people…

The staff at NEOM LeedsThe NEOM store in Victoria Leeds



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    November 30, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    wow such a lovely store!

    Thanks for sharing doll!

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